Mt. Olive Officials Urge Residents To Sign Up For Emergency Alerts

Public safety officials in Mt. Olive are
urging residents to take a few minutes to sign up for a free service
that allows the township to send notifications to cell phones and
emails. Residents who may need special assistance also can sign up for
a service that makes those needs immediately known to first

“It’s summer storm season and that’s a good reason to make sure you’re
getting the latest emergency information from the township,” said Fred
Detoro Jr., township fire official and head of the office of emergency
management. “Our Everbridge system can notify you about anything from
community events to school closings to power outages to the need to
take cover or evacuate. It’s free and confidential and the quickest
way to get information.”

Detoro said Everbridge has actually been successfully used in Mt.
Olive for several years.
Residents sign up on the township’s webpage, Scroll to the bottom of the page, in the
column on the right, and look for “town notifications.” Everbridge
Aware is right there. When opened, it invites the reader to log in or
open an account.

The program asks registrants for their name, an account name and
password and then brings them to pages to select how they want to be
notified and what they want to be notified about. It also asks if they
need any special assistance.

“This system doesn’t replace 9-1-1,” Detoro stressed. “If you need
emergency assistance from police, fire or emergency medical services,
you should still call 9-1-1 and take whatever action is appropriate.
But this is best, fastest way for us to let you know that something is
going on.”

Detoro also urged those who need special assistance to register with
NJ Register Ready. Completely voluntary and confidential, Register
Ready helps first responders identify people who may need special
assistance during an emergency.

“There are people who can’t get out of a building easily because of a
disability or people who count on devices that won’t work if there’s a
power outage,” said Detoro. “NJ Register Ready alerts us to those
needs so we can render assistance before it becomes a crisis.”

The easiest way to find the registry is to Google NJ Register Ready.
The actual website address is
Like Everbridge, the survey asks the applicant registration and
personal information that allows first responders to be alerted to the
person’s special needs.

“We recognize that some of the information we’re asking can be a
little intrusive, but they are things we need to know so we can get
the manpower and equipment we need to the scene in a timely manner,”
said Detoro.

Detoro also mentioned that NJ Register Ready is a good tool for those
with a temporary disability.

“If you’re in bed with a broken leg, we’ll know that you need some
help with mobility,” he said. “When you’re back on your feet, you can
delete your profile.”

Detoro emphasized that these services are confidential and that
information is not shared. He also said that those with questions or
who need assistance registering can call his office at (973) 691-0900
x 7325.

“Things can happen very quickly, whether because of weather or a
man-made issue,” said Detoro. “We urge everyone to sign up to get
emergency and community information. It only takes a minute, so it’s
one of those things you shouldn’t put off. Do it now.”

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