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August 30, 2021

Top Paratriathlete Encourages Everyone to Take Care of their Eyes

(BPT) – As one of the world’s top paratriathletes, Amy Dixon is always looking forward. Even though an autoimmune disorder has taken away most of her ability to see, she has extraordinary vision for reaching her goals.

This summer, she competes in Tokyo. For Dixon, it’s an incredible journey that would have seemed unimaginable two decades earlier.

I Remember Dad: The Shy Airman Returns Home

By Richard Mabey Jr.

 In the Spring of 1946, Dad and Uncle Edward came home from the war. I cannot even begin to imagine the joy and splendor that ran through the veins and arteries of Grandma and Grandpa Mabey. The war was over. Both of their sons were now home safe, at the farmhouse at the end of Mabey Lane. The very home that Grandpa had built when he was a younger man.

My father soon got a job as a truck driver for Moon Carrier in Paterson. He also resumed his part-time job as an usher at the grand and glorious Majestic Theater in Paterson. My father was a hard-working man. Dad saved every penny he could, and then soon bought his very own car, a 1940 Hudson. It must have been such an incredibly happy and joyous moment in time for my beloved father.

OPINION: Hunter Biden: Bane of the ‘Mainstream’ Press

From the right


Four summers ago, the network evening news shows obsessed over Donald Trump Jr. attending a brief and ineffective meeting with Russians at Trump Tower in 2016. He hoped to get “dirt” on Hillary Clinton, but nothing came of it. ABC, CBS and NBC offered viewers more than 62 minutes of coverage energetically speculating over collusion with the Russians in just four nights in July.

On Aug. 11, the Daily Mail reported, “Hunter Biden claimed Russians stole another one of his laptops for blackmail while he was close to overdosing in a Las Vegas hotel room.” Coverage on ABC, CBS and NBC? Nothing. Zero. The story underlined this alleged theft “would mean Hunter lost a total of three computers — the first abandoned at a Delaware computer store and the second seized by federal agents.”

Make the Sweets You Love Work for You, Not Against You

(BPT) – There’s no shame in craving treats. In fact, it’s completely normal. However, indulging in sweets can be troublesome as they are often high in sugar, calories and carbs and can compromise your healthy lifestyle.

While finding a balance between control and indulgence can feel challenging, there are still ways you can satisfy your sweet tooth without increasing your carb intake.

Mount Olive’s All Veterans Memorial Set to Host POW/MIA Vigil

By Henry M. Holden

It was not until the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, and the start of the War on Terror – and at the same time – her township’s intent to relocate a historical War Monument that shifted Charlene (Charlie) Wood Uhrmann’s attention towards the U.S. Armed Forces.

Uhrmann’s sense of patriotic duty guided her to create a dignified resting area for the War Monument, and to instill a sense of patriotism by community participation in building a memorial.

Prepare for Severe Weather: How to Use and Maintain a Generator

BPT) – Tornados, floods, hurricanes and more – severe weather is increasing around the world. Are you ready if a threatening storm hits your home?

“Storm frequency and intensity is increasing, which means it’s important for homeowners to take a proactive approach to severe weather preparedness,” said Jonathan Green, senior regional parts and service manager at Northern Tool + Equipment. “Having the right equipment and gear on hand and ready to go means your family can stay as safe and as comfortable as possible.”

Returning to School with a Smile : Tips & Tricks

(BPT) – Many students and parents are preparing to head back to classrooms this fall for the first time in over a year. Amazon has compiled tips and tricks to help students – and parents! – keep back-to-school jitters at bay so they can head back to school with confidence.

What Should You Look For in a Collagen Supplement?

(BPT) – Collagen is the glue that holds your body together. Whether it’s your hair, your skin or your nails, collagen provides the structure your body needs to keep everything intact. That’s one of many reasons it’s been trending so much in recent years. Your body makes it by combining amino acids from foods you eat like chicken, fish, eggs, beans or other dairy products. However, eating collagen-rich foods isn’t always enough to reap all of the health benefits. That’s where supplements can be beneficial.

Online Business Guide Launched by CCM and the Morris County Library Consortium Comprehensive Resource to Assist and Grow Your Business

Business owners looking for resources, research and data to help grow their organizations now have a comprehensive online center they can turn to as a result of a partnership between County College of Morris (CCM) and the Morris County Library Consortium.

The newly launched Business Development Resources for Northwest NJ: Market Research at provides a wealth of information, covering such areas as cost benefit analysis and managing business credit, market research and consumer spending, creating business and marketing plans, county business patterns and demographic data, and more.

William Paterson University Launches Center for Socially Responsible Entrepreneurship and Innovation to Provide Education and Research on Sustainable and Inclusive Business Development

William Paterson University’s Cotsakos College of Business has formed a Center for Socially Responsible Entrepreneurship and Innovation to empower current students, alumni, and members of the general public in various industries and geographical locations to formulate new business ideas and develop socially responsible innovations for their new or existing organizations.

Best Sleeping Tips for Heading Back to Work This Fall

(BPT) – After summer breaks and trips are over, it’s time for everyone to head back to their regular routines of work and school. While getting back on schedule can be a hard adjustment, re-establishing a good sleep routine can also be challenging. According to a recent study conducted by SleepScore Labs, 68% of Americans are sleeping less than the recommended seven hours per night for optimal health. What could be the contributing cause?

Build a Stronger Bond with Your Pet Through Love Languages

(BPT) – A warm embrace, a thoughtful gift, a love letter – these are a few ways that people show and feel affection. Like us, pets crave affection too.

Pets provide so much love and companionship to people, and they deserve to feel that love in return. Just as each pet has their own personality, they also have their own love language – things that make them feel loved. Maybe that’s going for walks, earning a treat, getting scratches behind the ear, playing fetch or other ways they feel special.

SCCC Football Program Attracts Warren Athletes, Including 4 from Hackettstown

When Sussex County Community College first decided to initiate a football program the expectations were modest. In preparation for its second season expectations have far exceeded anybody’s imagination.

The current roster lists over 100 players, and by the team’s kickoff to the season on Sept. 4, the number may grow even more.

Active and Energized: Registered Dietitian Shares How Eating Right in the Morning Fuels Energy Through the Day

(BPT) – With health and wellness top of mind for many Americans, fitness has become a top priority. Whether you’re extremely active or just starting on a wellness journey, incorporating wholesome, nutritious foods into your diet plan can help give your body the fuel it needs to thrive.

OPINION: The Tragic March of 2021: Will It Ever End Well?


Attention readers: Mark Shields is off this week. Please enjoy the following column by Jamie Stiehm.

WASHINGTON — The year 2021 is so far framed by the Jan. 6 U.S. Capitol riot and the Aug. 15 fall of Afghanistan without firing a shot.

In a momentous march of malady, misfortune and strife, we also witnessed a second presidential impeachment trial; the comeback of COVID-19; the collapse of a condominium high-rise in Florida; a New York governor rightfully forced out of office; the climate crisis declared to be here to stay and getting worse; a devastating earthquake in Haiti, with a hurricane closing in; and then desperate chaos in Kabul, Afghanistan’s capital city, as the Taliban moved in and we moved out after 20 years.

CCM Foundation Annual Golf Classic to Raise Funds to Support Student Athletes

Enjoy a day out on the links with the County College of Morris (CCM) Foundation and help support students with fulfilling their dreams for a rewarding and satisfying life.

This year’s Annual CCM Foundation Golf Classic takes place Monday, September 27, at the Picatinny Golf Club in Dover and includes lunch and an extended cocktail hour. All participants will receive a special Golfer Gift and there will be a Hole in One Car and Prize Contest. Raffle prizes also will be given out during the evening program. The cost is $175 per player.

The Miracle

By Richard Mabey Jr.

Author’s note: This story is 90 percent true. I took the liberty of changing people’s names.

A boy gets one first crush. One to a customer. And, as time goes by and the boy becomes an old man, he finds himself looking back at those days of his boyhood, and he wonders about his first crush. And, all of the magic, the splendor, the wonder, the infinite joy, haunts the fiber and chambers of his heart. And, he finds himself wondering as now an old man, sitting on his front porch rocking chair, looking out to the oak tree on his front lawn, “what if?”

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