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September 13, 2021

Cherished Memories of Another Time, Another Place: Remembering the Dedicated Editor

By Richard Mabey Jr.

 Author’s Note: Please note that I changed the name of the advertising agency. Also, I changed Thomas McAndrews name.

 In January of 1998, I began working in the Editorial Department of Epstein Advertising Agency in Morristown, New Jersey. I was 44 years old and had recently left a long-term job in the Public Relations Department of a large telecommunications corporation. It was a small advertising agency, which was owned and managed by the Epstein family. My boss was an older, Irish gentleman by the name of Thomas McAndrews.


I Remember Dad: Hold Dear in Heart, Respect for One Another

By Richard Mabey Jr.

 My father was such a very hard-working man. Very often, I remember that in my childhood and teen-age years, my dad worked two jobs. The most common scenario is that Dad would work his full-time job as a truck driver, and then moonlight as a dispatcher for the trucking company that he worked for. The term “moonlight” is seldomly heard these days. But, I remember that it was a very common term in the 1950’s and 1960’s. It simply meant to work a full-time job and at the same time work a part-time job.

OPINION: The Media Coaches Democrats, Trashes Republicans

From the right


After the Labor Day weekend, Joe Scarborough sat on the set of “Morning Joe” and told the Democrats that to succeed in the midterms, it was essential that they somehow repeal “40 years of Reaganism” by passing a massive expansion of government disguised as an “infrastructure” package.

“I remember hearing Biden’s speech back in April and was shocked by how sweeping it was for this supposed moderate guy from Delaware,” Scarborough proclaimed. 

Great Denville Duck Race Coming Soon

Environmental Education: Teach Kids How to Protect the Earth

(Family Features) Teaching kids about the environment from an early age starts lifelong habits and creates awareness about the way humans affect the Earth. Connecting those lessons to school is an easy way to reinforce how the whole family can make everyday changes that make a difference.

Lower lunchtime impact. Between brown bags, baggies and other packaging waste, school lunches generate a heap of trash.

New Jersey Highlands Coalition Receives Honorable Mention Award in National Grant Contest, Inc. and the Grant Professionals Association are proud to announce that the New Jersey Highlands Coalition has won an Honorable Mention Award in the 2021 Winning Grant Proposal Competition.

Go Plant Based for Healthy School Days

(Family Features) Filling the kitchen with plant-based ingredients is an easy way to nudge kids toward nutritious after-school snacks and make busy weeknight dinners as healthy as they are delicious.

When you consume foods that boost your energy and give your body the fuel it needs, you can expect to feel healthier, both physically and emotionally. In many cases the foods that deliver are plant-based, and you can create delicious and healthy meals while adhering to a plant-based eating plan.

7 Tips for Selecting a Remodeler

(Family Features) When planning a potential home remodeling project, the list of decisions to make may feel nearly endless. Ultimately, you may find the most important decision is choosing a trustworthy team of professionals to complete the job.

Jewelry Design Workshop Coming to Long Valley

Washington Township Recreation is presenting a “Jewelry Design Workshop” for adults willing to come out and perhaps learn a new hobby.  This is a great way to be creative, make friends, and get to make some fun and trendy jewelry pieces to take home!

OPINION: Harris as Veep: Not a Command Performance


Does anyone know that Vice President Kamala Harris canceled plans to campaign for Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom, in a bruising recall election?

Perhaps a telling move, from one Californian to another.

Harris was meant to help the governor in an hour of need. But she’s shaky too and may have little political capital to lend Newsom. Newsom faces voters on Sept. 14 in a blue state where Republicans are on a tear.

This broken plan got lost in the fog of war in Kabul and the epic storm that darkened New Orleans. No reason was given. The rally has not been rescheduled.

Navigating a Dynamic Work Environment with Children

(Family Features) Before the pandemic, the choice for most families looking for child care was relatively simple: they either found a center close to work or close to home. As employers share their return-to-work plans, many parents are re-evaluating their child care arrangements and trying to find solutions that support their family’s unique needs. Some are returning to the office full time while others have the flexibility of hybrid work schedules, splitting time between the office and remote work.


5 Steps to Design a DIY Dream Closet

Whether you’re a stylist with an eye for fashion who chooses each garment carefully or the laid-back type who can rock the first outfit you find each morning, the closet provides a location for inspiration. Turning bland closet space into a truly eye-catching room calls for a little planning and DIY creativity.

Get Outside with Fresh Grilled Flavors

(Family Features) When bright, sunny days offer opportunities to take it outside for a celebration or casual weeknight dinner, take advantage with the fresh flavors of grilled fare. Good food and good company can combine for a meal to remember with loved ones while enjoying the outdoors.

Quick, Nutritious Dishes to Enjoy Dairy Without the Discomfort

(Family Features) Dinnertime dishes loaded with nutrients help keep loved ones connected while refueling after busy days spent at work and school. Dairy foods – key ingredients in many at-home meals – provide nutrients for people of all ages to grow and maintain stronger bodies and minds.

6 Special Ways to Celebrate Grandparents

(Family Features) Ask anyone to recall their most treasured childhood memories, and you’re likely to hear tales about time spent with loved ones, grandparents in particular. As an adult, you may find yourself wondering how to help your kids create those magical moments with their grandparents. However, strengthening their bond with a beloved grandparent may be easier than you think.

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