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OCTOBER 5, 2020

Diary of a Scout Leader: A Quiet and Serene Moment in Time

By Richard Mabey Jr.

Our story so far: It is now Wednesday, late morning, on the twenty-fifth of June of 1969. I had just given my article, about what scouting meant to me, to Mr. Marino, the Editor-in-Chief of the Lincoln Park Journal. I was so very happy that Mr. Marino liked my article and told me that he planned on publishing in his next edition. On my way, walking home, I stop at Moe’s Sweet Shop to buy a Batman comic book. Mary Tafano is there with her friends. Mary is very kind to me and offers to help me paint the interior of Thorpe Hall. I leave Moe’s Sweet Shop and begin my walk home. While walking home, several landmarks bring back a myriad of memories to me.Read More


Laverne H. Bardy

had thought about taking horseback riding lessons. It was something I wanted to do for a long while. However, well-intentioned friends cautioned, “You’re way too old, for heaven’s sake. You could break your bones.” As if broken bones would be less convenient or painful at a younger age. Read More

Building an Emergency Kit with Disability in Mind

(Family Features) Creating a supply kit is part of being prepared for emergencies and disasters. Kits should include basic survival items but also things specific to your needs. Kits can have equipment to help with communication, things that reduce stress and more. Read More

Tips to Take a Safe and Affordable Fall Road Trip

(StatePoint) As American families continue to track developments of the pandemic, many are opting for regional travel experiences this fall. Read More

5 Seasonal DIY Home Improvement Projects

(Family Features) The calendar pages may be turning fast, but it’s not too late to do some work around the house. Now is the time to wrap up home improvement projects before the weather turns too cold.

Consider these five easy DIY tasks that can set you up for a warm, safe and pest-free fall:Read More

3 Ways to Get Fit as a Family this Fall

(StatePoint) One of the keys to encouraging children to develop the healthy habit of regular exercise is to make fitness a priority in the home. With cooler weather and changing scenery to enjoy, autumn can be an ideal time to try new outdoor activities. Read More

I Remember Dad: The Great Paterson

As many of you may know, in 2000 my dad published the book, “Then and Now: A Pictorial History of Lincoln Park.” Every red cent, from the book’s sales, was donated to the Lincoln Park Historical Society. After the book was published, Dad began working on another book. This time, Dad wanted to play tribute to the City of Paterson. Read More


Stress affects all of us in different ways: emotionally, psychologically, and physically. It feels like times just keep getting more stressful: Many of my patients, friends, and family make this comment often. COVID hasn’t helped either: its taken a toll on all of us, one way or another. Read More

Dash of Time

OPINION The Hit-Job Parade of Anti-Trump Authors

It must be fall campaign season, because our incredibly tilted Democratic media are rotating through a series of authors ripping into President Donald Trump. Start with the most overpraised journalist in Washington, Bob Woodward, who is the same age as Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden but is still trotted out with great fanfare as the conquering hero of Watergate. Read More

Mt. Olive’s Strillacci has always been a clothing expert; Owns old-school men’s clothing shop in Washington Borough – last of a breed

Strillacci took that honor to the next step, getting a job in the clothing business in 1963. Nearly 60 years later, he’s still in the business. Read More

Expert tips and tricks you need to know to make every brunch your best brunch

(BPT) – For many, regular brunch gatherings may have fallen by the wayside in recent months. With the changing of seasons, it’s time to bring brunch back to create warm memories as the weather cools. If your go-to brunch plans are no longer possible, start thinking about creating a new routine and hosting a fabulous brunch in the safety and comfort of your home, outdoor living space or virtually. Read More

Project Self-Sufficiency Seeks Volunteers to Assist with Fall Initiatives

Project Self-Sufficiency invites teens and adults who want to make a difference in their community to consider volunteering at the agency this fall. The ongoing pandemic, coupled with the traditional rush of programs hosted by the agency during the holiday season, has created a large variety of volunteer opportunities. Read More

Opinion: Our Most Personal Vote


In the presidential elections of 2000 and 2004, the Democratic nominees, former Vice President Al Gore and Sen. John Kerry, were both seen by the nation’s voters as more knowledgeable and more intelligent than the Republican standard-bearer in both elections, George W. Bush. But those same voters in both campaigns found Bush to be more honest, trustworthy and likable than either Gore or Kerry. Read More

What to expect at your next dental visit

(BPT) – Going to the dentist has always been an important part of the overall health care routine. Even now, regular dental appointments are critical to good overall health and it is safe to see your dentist. Read More

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