NAHS Creates Painted Pumpkins to Draw Foot Traffic Downtown


The Chatham High School National Art Honor Society (NAHS) has been busy preparing for the Halloween season this year. In an effort to encourage members of the community to visit downtown, CHS students have been diligently creating painted and decorative pumpkins that will be displayed by local businesses in downtown Chatham.


Cate Hackett, co-president of the Chatham High School NAHS had this to say about her experience with the project: “We chose the pumpkin walk to spark some creativity in our high school art community, as well as the town community, and spirit (no pun intended) for the upcoming halloween season! This is a great way for the town to get a glimpse of some of the artistic talent we have in the high school. I think the best part of the project has been the genuine effort we’ve seen. I love seeing students walk in and out of the building bringing their labeled pumpkin home because they’re just so enthusiastic and willing to work on it.”


Hackett, along with NAHS co-president, Kyle Beebe organized this project with the intention to share student artwork with the community and increase foot traffic downtown.


Chatham High School Art Teachers and NAHS advisors Eric Hreha and Kiera Spadaro hope that this event will entice families to walk through town to patronize local businesses and to beautify windows with a seasonal display.


These artworks will be visible in the store windows regardless of store hours. All are welcome to participate in a scavenger hunt to locate the letters in each pumpkin display and unscramble the hidden message. All correct guesses are entered into a raffle to win a T.M. Ward gift basket.


The pumpkins will be on display through the Halloween weekend.

Go to to view a map of the participating stores.

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