Nathan Gould: Denville Council Candidate- Democrat


  1. What is your educational and volunteer background?
    1. I have a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and have worked in the information technology industry for about 14 years.
    2.  I have been an avid volunteer since my high school days. I have been a member of  Bands, Choirs, University Student Activity Board, University Student Advisory Board for the School of Science Technology and Engineering.  Since moving to Denville I have volunteered locally within Riverview, where my son attends first grade,.I was a leader withinProject Playground, and I am a member of the local Kiwanis organization.


  1. Why did you choose to run for mayor/council?  

Technology is changing rapidly and there is nobody on the council that has been able to take advantage of the opportunity that modern technology offers to a town like Denville. Since I have a strong technical and computer background, felt it was important to offer my services on Town Council. Technology is changing at an incredibly rapid pace. We need leaders that keep up and use modern solutions to address modern problems. 


  1. What do you feel is the biggest issue facing Denville today? 

Our infrastructure is strained and  the current administration has not made wise investments to our infrastructure in the face of the predicted growth over the next several years.


  1. Why did you decide to run now?

There needs to be Democratic voices at all levels of government.  If needed we must stand up to be that voice.

  1. What specific skills will you bring to the table if elected/re-elected?

My technical knowledge is an incredibly important skill to bring to this race. My ability to think critically and solve tough problems will keep Denville on the right path through times of growth and change.I will also bring my listening skill so that the residents of Denville will be heard and their needs acted on.

  1. What new programs or initiatives would you like to start if elected/re-elected?
    1. Increase the use of the town website and social media to make it easier for people to get information and stay informed. 


  7.What are you passionate about? I am passionate about education and using technology to facilitate it.


  1. What is the best thing about Denville? 

 Denvile has maintained such a close relationship with its surrounding nature.  I find that admirable and something that I will strive to protect.


  1. What are your hobbies/interests? I am a technology lover, through and through. I enjoy working on computers, machine learning, games and game theory. In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my wife, Katie and our first grade son, T. We are an adventurous family and like to travel and see new things. 


  1. What is your professional background? For the past 14 years, I have been working in the IT industry delivering enterprise level data solutions for Fortune 500 companies.  My experience includes working with and building various data systems over a variety of different clients including government, pharmaceutical,  financial, utility, and package delivery.


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