Netcong Elementary School Completes Full Curriculum Revision

District curriculum is the center of how teachers deliver high quality instruction to their students. As such, it is imperative that all districts have curricula that is current, rigorous, and aligned to the most current standards.

Due to a high administrator turn-over rate over the last 20 years, Netcong Elementary School’s curricula was outdated and needed to be revamped. Netcong’s K-eight Math Curriculum and College and Career Ready Curriculum was updated and approved in August, 2015. However, all other curricula remained outdated at the start of the 2015-2016 school year.

Assistant Principal Kathleen Walsh, who also serves as the Curriculum coordinator, created a plan to update all curricular areas by Sept. 1. Thanks in part to Walsh and the teachers who work in the Netcong School District, all curricula has been updated and was approved at the Netcong School District’s Board of Education meeting on Aug. 23. The Netcong School District’s Board of Education was committed to supporting the administrators and teachers of the district in this endeavor and provided funding so that teachers could create and update curriculum that is rigorous and aligned to the new New Jersey Student Learning Standards.

Walsh stated, “I could not have done this by myself. I am grateful to all of the teachers who saw the need to assist me in this endeavor; the curricula would not be updated and ready to be implemented on September 1, 2016 without their hard work and dedication to the Netcong School District. Moving forward, it is my hope that we will follow the curriculum writing cycle and textbook replacement cycle that I created this past year so that we are continually assessing what we are doing, with and, for our students and keeping abreast of the latest technologies, standards and initiatives in the field of education. I wear many hats in my role as Assistant Principal/Curriculum Coordinator at Netcong but teaching and learning are the most important facets of my job. ”

Dr. Gina Cinotti, Chief School administrator, said “Netcong would not be where we are today without Mrs. Walsh’s commitment, talent and passion in undertaking the massive task of updating our curriculum. She brought everyone together so that we met our curriculum goals. Now, our staff can use this curriculum to guide their instruction.”

The Netcong School District uses the Rubicon Atlas Platform to house all its curricula. Teachers in the district have access to all of the curriculum being delivered which provides for both vertical and horizontal articulation. Additionally, moving forward the district hopes to use the lesson plan format via the Rubicon Atlas Platform so that all curriculum and resources are in a central location.

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