New Jersey Authors Contribute to A Book For Our Time – VOICES-19: Their Legacies Live On

Author Brenda E. Cortez announced the upcoming release of a collection of stories celebrating our loved ones, and the life and legacies they left behind. Cortez was inspired to create this book after her best-friend, and contributing coauthor, Jean Sime, (Wayne, NJ resident), lost her sister, Vivian, to COVID on April 16, 2020. “Voices-19” brings awareness and shines an important light on the faces and names lost during this ongoing pandemic – humanizing the numbers, the souls lost, and those left behind to grieve. “Voices-19” was released April 26, and is available online. 

In this heartfelt collection, 19 contributing authors bravely pay tribute to those they lost and share the impact they made. Their loved ones’ legacies will live on forever; they will never be forgotten. This book is a tribute to all the lives lost during this difficult time. These beautifully written stories help humanize the losses behind the numbers. Each chapter is a celebration of life remembering our moms, dads, sisters, brothers, grandparents, and our children.

Cortez is the author of ‘Because of Organ Donation’ and has authored nine children’s books, including “My Mom is Having Surgery: A Kidney Story,” and the “Howl the Owl®” children’s book series. Howl is an acronym for “Help Others With Love” and his stories focus on kindness, helping others, and organ donation.

Voices-19 is published by BC Books, LLC.  


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