New Students Go On Adventure

While scavenger hunts help new students and their families become more familiar with their new school as families search for the gymnasium and cafeteria, Fernbrook Elementary School sent students on an adventure.

In a video messages sent to new Fernbrook families, Principal Danielle Soldivieri asked parents to download the Aurasma app and then walk around the school and search for eggs in a virtual scavenger hunt called “Falc-e-mon GO!”

Modeled after the popular Pokemon Go! app which has hooked children and adults all over the country, Soldivieri partnered with the PTO to design the adventure to make the open house for new families more fun.

New Families received the following: “Can you free them all?! We want your child’s tour to be fun and informative! Our school mascot, the Fernbrook Falcon, needs your help. If you see a Falc-e-mon egg in our school, simply point your Aurasma viewfinder at the egg to free the character inside.”

New kindergartener Zachary Wysmierski had a blast. “I saw my teacher in a video in an egg,” he said. “My new teacher loves to play with Playdoh!”
Zachary is in Molly Ziegelstein’s class. As part of the fun, a video of her talking about how much she enjoys Playdoh was featured in an egg in the “Falc-e-mon GO! experience.

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