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NOVEMBER 2, 2020

The Summer of 1969: Reflections With My Father

By Richard Mabey Jr.

Our story so far: It is now Wednesday, late morning, on the twenty-fifth of June of 1969. I walk home, from having bought a Batman comic book at Moe’s Sweet Shop Read More

Business Builder Event Strategizes Gaining New Clients

With the advent of new technology, the methods for targeting potential clients is changing, too. Join a panel of experts as they discuss how to expand your client load at Mount Olive Area Chamber of Commerce’s next virtual Business Builders Series Workshop. Read More

4 tips to help juggle difficult family schedules

(BPT) – Due to the coronavirus’ impact on our daily routines, we’re juggling more than ever. From complex school schedules, to working and living in the same place – it can be difficult to control what’s on our plates. Read More

Grassroots Market

3 Essential Tips to Keep Families Healthy this Fall

(BPT) – For many families across America, fall is viewed as a time to reset and create new rituals, especially with key moments like back-to-school. We all know common routines have been disrupted due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which makes parenting more challenging than ever. This year, preventing illness at home is part of everyone’s focus. Read More

Morris County Clerk Hopes to Ease Vote by Mail Fears

By: Megan Roche

2020 has been a year that has been completely out of the ordinary. With COVID-19 and social distancing rules still in effect for many places, voting in the 2020 Presidential election is going to look a bit different. Morris County Clerk Ann Grossi is hoping to ease the voting fears and reassure Morris County residents that their votes will count. Read More

5 Tips for Thanking Your Heroes this Holiday Season

(StatePoint) Those who go above and beyond to make a difference in the lives of others are rarely in it for recognition. However, in this especially challenging year, the holiday season is a perfect time to not just show these selfless people your appreciation, but also take inspiration from their kindness. Here are five simple ways to thank the everyday heroes in your life.Read More

Ayres/Knuth Call for Volunteers

The Ayres/Knuth Farm Foundation in Denville will hold its Annual Holiday Tree Sale at Union Hill Farms on Cooper Road. We need your help! Read More

I Remember Dad: Dad’s Love for Motorcycles

In the Summer of 1946, my dad finally departed from Hickam Air Field in Hawaii. The war was over. He was shortly thereafter granted an honorable discharge. Dad was a very patriotic man and signed up for the Reserves in the Army Air Corps. Read More

Dental Implants: I need them, but can’t afford them. What do I do?

Dental implants can be a significant financial investment. I hear quite often, “I can’t afford dental implants, but I know I need them. What are my options?”

The first time I will hear this regarding dental implants is when a person comes to me for help. After listening to what their particular issues are, we’ll present multiple choices. Some include implants, while some don’t. We’ll get to that later.

Read More

How to shake up mealtime: 10 creative kitchen ideas

(BPT) – Due to quarantine and social distancing measures, Americans have found themselves cooking at home more than ever. However, after creating some of the same meals week after week, you might be hitting a home-cooking rut. To shake things up in the kitchen, consider these 10 ways to add excitement and creativity to your dishes.Read More

5 Must-do Home Improvements for Fall

(BPT) – The average American home has nine DIY jobs that need to be tackled, according to a study conducted by Fall is the perfect time to give your home a little TLC and start checking off projects on your to-do list.Read More

Improve Your Mental Health with Better Sleep

(Family Features) For some, the holidays may be the happiest season of all, but for others the hectic pace and endless to-do lists can take a real toll on their mental health. This year, the impact is heightened by a global health pandemic. Read More

How Family Travel Has Changed Throughout the Last 25 Years

(Family Features) While 2020 has brought some definite and dramatic changes to the way people travel, there have actually been numerous changes in the travel industry throughout the course of the last 25 years. Read More

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Biden’s Historic ‘Luck’ With a Pusillanimous Press


The political-insider website Axios published a story Wednesday headlined “Joe Biden is the luckiest, least scrutinized frontrunner.” Mike Allen and Hans Nichols declared: “Eight months ago, Joe Biden was in danger of losing the Democratic nomination. Read More

2020 Campaign: Shortages of Wit and Wisdom


This bizarre presidential election year has suffered from acute shortages of both wit and wisdom, a fact that was highlighted for me by the passing of Roberta McCain, the remarkable 108-year-old mother of the Arizona senator and 2008 Republican presidential nominee. Read More


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