One Center To Serve All Dental Needs- Now That’s Something To Smile About

By Cheryl Conway

Coming soon in East Hanover will be a one-stop center for dental care.

Dr. Raj Upadya of East Hanover is expanding his own practice of 14 years- Esthetic Dental Care at 256 Columbia Turnpike, Florham Park- and launching a new practice- The Metropolitan Center For Complete Dentistry in East Hanover.

Located at 49 Ridgedale Ave., the center is under construction with plans to be completed by the end of the month if all goes according to plan, says the 48-year old general dentist.  Two other dentists, Dr. Ira Goldberg and Dr. Tony Pinadella, will be joining his team.

“Rebranding, offering more services and growing,” is the reason for Upadya’s move to opening this new center.  He, and his current hygienist, will be bringing in more practitioners to offer more in-house services.

Upadya has known Goldberg for the past three years and decided that his expertise with implants would be a welcoming addition to his team. All three dentists are scholars from the Dawson Academy which teaches the Complete Care philosophy: WIDIOM, which means “Would I Do It On Me,” Upadya explains.

“We try to figure out if it were ourselves, do we want to be treated?” he explains. “What would I do if this was my clinical situation, if this was my wife, if this was my mother?”

The post graduate dental teaching academy, the Dawson Academy, focuses on the concept of complete dentistry, he says.

“Teeth fit into a system,” says Upadya. “They fit in a jaw; they fit in a moving system. We’ve learned to examine more than just the teeth. We want to know why it happens,” when an issue comes up.

“Dawson Academy is a more comprehensive approach” to dental procedure, he says, adding that only five to ten percent of all dentists are specialists trained to use this philosophy.

“We do things very differently than every other practitioner,” he says. “We try to stop what’s going to

happen; treat disease before it’s full blown.”
Upadya likes this approach to dentistry as he says “it prevents a lot more that needs to get done. It’s so different than what everyone’s used to. We try to stop it from happening. If we can prevent it from happening in the first place, we say ‘that’s better’ because in the end it requires the most “minimal amount of dentistry in a person’s lifetime.”

New Name, New Company

Rebranding his company, even with a new name, follows the changing purpose of his practice. The original name, Esthetic Dental Care, has been complete oral care solutions.

“So we decided to rebrand away from that cosmetic name,” says Upadya. “We can do pretty things but it’s such a small part of what we do.”

The Metropolitan Center For Complete Dentistry is just that, “complete care,” including cosmetic dentistry.

“We are a family dental practice,” accepting all new patients, kids and adults.

And with a trio in the house, three is certainly company, each specializing in their own area of expertise.

Upadya specializes in bite-related problems, reversing what causes broken teeth, TNJ problems and even orthodontics.

Goldberg, who practices in Roxbury with his own practice, Morris County Dental Associates, specializes in all levels of implant dentistry and implant reconstructive therapy.

Pinadella, who practices out of Clifton, specializes in root canal therapy, restorative dentistry, crowns and bridges.

“We all have a little bit of overlap,” says Upadya.

Goldberg looks forward to joining Upadya at the new center.

“I will be in East Hanover once per week,” says Goldberg, who plans to still stay at his main practice in Roxbury.

“Dr. Upadya and I work very well together and enjoy each other’s company,” says Goldberg.  “He’s a great doctor; he’s fun to work with. We took the same postgraduate training, so we share the same philosophies. I bring to the table comprehensive implant options and skills, which fit in well with today’s treatment options.”

Goldberg looks forward to “the fact that patients will be able to receive some of the most comprehensive dental care around.  Dr. Upadya is an extremely talented doctor, and his skill set is unbelievable.   To be able to join him in such a comprehensive facility is truly an honor.”

His says patients “will be hard pressed to find a facility and set of doctors that can provide better care all under one roof.”

Most of the construction of the new facility was done in early September with a target opening at the end of the month, according to Upadya. The main office will be 2,500 sq. ft. and will be used not only as a dental office but also as a training teaching center to teach other dentists in the U.S. as well as internationally; as well as a study club for other dentists.

A new website is currently under construction so patients with more information can go to

While the majority of Upadya’s current patients live locally, there are others who travel throughout the state as well as the country for treatment.

“People sometimes find us because of what we do,” says Upadya, while other longtime patients may move out of the area and travel back for an appointment.

“We provide all the services,” says Upadya. “If we can’t provide it we will find the best person to provide it.”

Oral surgery, for example, can be done but for major reconstructive jaw surgery, a patent will be referred to a specialist.

As far as technology, Upadya says “Every major technology, we will have it,” from 3D imaging for face and jaw, digital x-rays, scanners, computerized bite sensor equipment, gum contouring, sterilization of bacteria with lasers.

“Our sterilization is at the top end going to the next level at the new center,” he says. Offered will be “the best quality of everything you can possibly have. You can’t get better care; to provide the best treatment and healthiest treatment for patients. If something comes out next year, we will get it.”

Why Dentistry?

Upadya says he knew at a young age that he wanted to be a dentist.

“I apparently wanted to be a dentist before seventh grade,” Upadya elaborates. “I wrote an essay that said I wanted to be a dentist because I wanted to help people and help them smile and I wanted to go to Harvard,” he laughs.

He almost went to medical school instead but six months before entering he switched to dental school, says Upadya who grew up in East Windsor.

“I love making people feel better,” he says, “taking people out of pain, making them smile again; mouth is window of health. If we can make you smile again, that’s what we strive for everyday. It’s not just about cleaning” the teeth.

About his team at his office, he says, “it’s never been a job; it’s been a passion to make a difference. Every part of my office, they are good people and they are family.”

Speaking of family, next March Upadya will be married for 20 years to his wife Pam, a pediatric anesthesiologist; they have an 11 year old son, Arden.

As far as other dentists in the family, other than a cousin’s husband in New York, Upadya is the only one but he admits that he “comes from a family of overachievers. His father had his doctorate, worked as retired electrical engineer with 22 U.S. patents and was on the team that developed Fios. He was “smarter than I’ll ever be,” says Upadya, “a brilliant man.”

Why Try Metropolitan Center For Complete Dentistry?

“We will never try to sell you anything,” says Upadya. “We’ll try to make you as healthy as you can be; try to help you to figure out what’s causing the problem. WIDIOM, that’s the real reason. Ethics is what we are reared on; will do the most ethical treatment as well. Dawson Academy, it’s all about ethically what’s the right thing to do.”

Upadya points out that “a lot of my patients are dentists,” as well as physicians; “dentists that seek me out, some are students and are my patients.”  In the fall, Updaya plans to host community lectures covering various topics.

The new office is located at 49 Riverdale Ave., East Hanover. Call 973-822-1200. New patients are always welcome. Visit for more information.

To learn more about the Dawson Academy, visit

Brief Bios Of Center’s Three Dentists

Upadya is one of the most highly trained and qualified general dentists in the Florham Park area, focusing on advanced restorative and cosmetic dentistry procedures.

He is also an educator and mentor to dentists all over the country through his affiliations with The Dawson Academy and local New Jersey dental organizations.

A native of Princeton, Upadya attended the Hun School of Princeton and Rutgers University and completed his graduate training in 1997 at the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine.

After finishing dental school at Penn, Upadya completed his General Practice Residency at St. Joseph’s Regional Medical Center, and then served as chief resident in the Department of Dentistry.

He has been in private practice since 2007.

Upadya is committed to advanced education and training. He broadened his cosmetic dentistry education at the University of California Los Angeles Aesthetic Continuum, where he completed a rigorous certification in comprehensive esthetic dentistry.

At the Dawson Academy for Advanced Dental Study, Upadya underwent extensive prosthodontic training allowing him to treat the most complex dental problems. He is now on the faculty at the Dawson Academy where he teaches dentists from all over the world, gives lectures and teaches courses on advanced restorative and cosmetic dentistry techniques.
Goldberg has been practicing implant dentistry for more than 22 years. His passion for implantology has led him to lecture other dentists about dental implants, and offer dental implant seminars for prospective patients and colleagues. He is currently a board member of the American Academy of Implant Dentistry.

Goldberg has advanced knowledge in all three disciplines in dental implantology: Placement, restoration and maintenance, which is the very reason why so many implant patients seek out his care so they only have to go to one office to take care of their needs.

Pinadella attended West Virginia University in Morgantown, W.Va., from 1985-1987; gained early admission to the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey in Newark, graduating in 1991 with a Doctor of Medical Dentistry Degree.
With more than 25 years’ experience, Pinadella has trained under two prominent prosthodontists focusing in crown and bridge, prosthodontics and endodontics, as well as training in cosmetic dentistry and implant prosthodontics.



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