Michael Kambourakis, the owner of Terzako Furs on Bloomfield Avenue in Caldwell recently spoke at the United Nations. He was invited as a humanitarian and discussed his work in the Dominican Republic with the help of private funding.  For many years Mike was concerned about a small area that had been severely damaged due to a hurricane. He told the United Nations how he worked to build a clinic in the Dominican Republic by raising money and actually being almost the general contractor on the job.  After the Clinic was built,  he was responsible for raising the funds needed to build medical housing on the premises to allow doctors from the United States availability to go down to the clinic and take care of patients for brief periods of time. 


An important part of the presentation was how one can accomplish more and faster privately, rather than going through time prolonged by federal government approvals. In 5 years time, the clinic and dorms were completed.  Mike’s fellow Rotarians helped with the fundraising and putting the finishing touches on the latest addition, an outdoor dining facility. The clinic has been in operation since its grand opening in November 2017. Many diabetes missions have taken place and the dental office is now complete.


This whole project started when Mike heard about the lack of clean water, school supplies and many other necessities in the Dominican Republic.  He went there to see firsthand about the conditions. He decided he needed to help. That was the beginning of a labor of love which he continues and envisions even more. He is amazing and proves that one man can make a difference in many lives. 


Mike started this in a small way and began to collect items that he shipped or personally brought to the community. On his numerous trips to the Dominican Republic his luggage consisted of school supplies, clothing, tooth brushes, and medical supplies.  He collected items from his clients, businesses in the area and numerous other places and shipped them personally to aid the people of the Dominican Republic.  Since the nearest clinic for medical care was very far away, Mike came up with the idea to build a clinic.  Mike is truly an inspiration.


The United Nations heard about his unbelievable work, and asked him to speak there to inspire other individuals on how they can do their own projects to help people who are in dire need of the basic things in life.


If you want to learn more about this project or how you can be of assistance you can

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