Open House Planned At Alternative School

On Oct. 3, at 1:15 p.m., Essex Valley School in West Caldwell plans to host an Open House.

Essex Valley School is a therapeutic alternative school that has serviced students afflicted with behavioral and learning disabilities for many years. The school has undergone significant renovations and upgrades. Students are exposed to an array of vocational options that include automotive, carpentry, culinary arts, cosmetology, home economics, drama, art and music therapy. The goal of the school is to prepare students for all post-secondary options which include college and universities, trade schools, and employment.

Essex Valley will recognize Calandra’s Italian Village for their assistance and willingness to employ students from the school. Recently, one of the graduates was promoted to a managerial position. A plaque will be placed in the Culinary Center to honor the partnership and involvement with Calandra’s.

The Rotary of the Caldwell’s will participate in the Open House. Its support and encouragement have been invaluable to the work of Essex Valley. Students have assisted with various projects in the Caldwell area. Students will leave school with the ability to function in society with many students going gone on to successful careers.

Through the unique and innovative mission of Essex Valley, students have been able to overcome significant obstacles to succeed in society. Community service and project based learning to assist others are qualities instilled in the student population. 

For information or questions, contact Perry Cecchini, Transition coordinator, at 551-206-0081.

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