Peck School’s “Pasta for Preschool” Fundraiser Raises over $10,000 for Preschool Advantage

MORRISTOWN, NJ  January 8, 2018 — Preschool Advantage was honored once again to be the recipient of The Peck School‘s fundraiser, “Pasta for Preschool”. Generous members of the Peck community purchased raffle and dinner tickets to attend a delicious family style pasta buffet organized by community- minded Peck seventh graders and their advisers. The fundraiser raised $11,130.71 in all — enough to send two children to preschool. Molly Dunn, executive director at Preschool Advantage, said “the commitment of all the students, faculty and parents was truly inspirational and our continued partnership with The Peck School invaluable.”


At the event, Yana, a Preschool Advantage parent, shared her daughter’s preschool experience. When Yana’s daughter entered preschool, she was not verbal, had no playmates, and knew only the Russian language. After a month in preschool, the three year old began to speak in English and is now a confident and chatty six year-old! Yana credits the preschool experience with instilling confidence in her young daughter, and she is grateful for the tuition assistance the family received from Preschool Advantage.


Preschool Advantage is a non-profit organization with the vision that all children should have access to high quality early education. Since its inception over 20 years ago, almost 1,500 tuitions have been paid, and it is the organization’s goal to fund 100 tuitions in 2019.  Applications are now available for the 2019 – 2020 academic year with priority funding given to those who apply by February 28, 2019. To learn more about Preschool Advantage or to obtain an application call (973) 532-2501 or visit

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