Pedal Karts Used to Promote Dangers of Drunk and Distracted Driving

At Mount Olive High School, the Driver Theory program used “Drunk Buster Pedal Karts” to demonstrate many different types of driving.  These karts were donated by MOMAC and we could not be happier. At several stations, students practiced driving, parallel parking, yielding, and using signals, at other stations the students compared
safe driving to driving while intoxicated, or driving while texting.  The students were able to observe how different things may change when a person is either intoxicated or distracted while driving.
In addition to the pedal karts, we invited the School Resource Officers as well as MOPD to come in and take the

students through different sobriety tests.  The students performed them sober as

well as with the drunk goggles on.  The connection the students and police officers made was incredible and we as teachers were so pleased to see them interacting with one another.  We are so thankful of the MOMAC committee and are appreciative that they gave us an opportunity to make Driver’s theory more realistic for our students.  The turnout was phenomenal and the students seemed to really enjoy themselves.

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