Pequannock author voice of resiliency and female empowerment 

By Jillian Risberg 


Vanessa Ciano Saracino epitomizes a resilient entrepreneur because she was able to take a mess of a situation and create something she never thought possible.


Her divorce was the breaking point. 

“I just couldn’t get my head around what was going on and had a hard time processing the whole (thing),” Saracino says she kept talking about her circumstance with friends when one suggested she write a book, making a lifelong dream come true. “The rest is history.” 


She called it cathartic to pen her passage for an anthology with 21 other powerful female entrepreneurs.


“Completely surreal,” says Saracino, adding that she got emotional at her book signing. “It was (also) amazingly spiritual to be able to tell my story knowing it would set me free.”


Thriving Beyond Crisis: Conversations with Resilient Entrepreneurs was a number one best selling book in several categories within seven hours of launch, according to the author. 

Saracino says it was an amazing feeling to hit that milestone, especially in the spirituality sector. 

“I am on track to pave the way for our youth and other women being a pioneer of women’s empowerment,” she says. 

She was inspired by her own mother, a seamstress for Evan Picone upon migrating here at age 18 from Reggio Calabria, Italy. She made many of Saracino’s clothes and dresses growing up. 


“I always loved fashion and took a gap year (post high school) not knowing what I wanted to do,” the author says she landed a receptionist position at Ralph Lauren in Carlstadt and attended Fashion Institute (of Technology’s) continuing education department, matriculating a year later. 


“I was never more in love,” says Saracino. “This was my calling card and I had my mother as my mentor and guide.” 

Looking back on her senior class bio, the author realized all she ever wanted was to be good at something. Being a designer made her feel like nothing she had ever experienced. 

“I even got the chance to travel to Paris, London, Italy and Germany on shopping trips to look for new trends — and Dubai, India, Hong Kong to work with our factories to make samples for our showrooms for market week,” Saracino says. “It was a dream job and became a passion.”


When a breakthrough case of COVID in 2020 halted her career, the author had to think of another way to support herself.

“With the help of a mentor, be•YOU•tiful (Saracino’s Christian clothing line) was born,” she says aligning herself with the right people helped unite her love of God and Christianity with her heart and love of fashion. And she had the support of her family and closest friends. 


Sharing her story with the world means so much, according to the author because it’s a story of victory after tremendous loss and needed to be told.

In these trying times with many struggling, she hopes the book resonates.


“Whatever life throws your way you can achieve, Saracino says. “The most amazing part is I did all this from my living room from my computer, which is a tremendous feat. Never give up.” 

On any given day she finds strength in her devotionals and music. 

And sermons by some of her favorite pastors and her passion for reading has shaped Saracino as a woman of God and a writer…

She is currently reading Victoria Osteen and Joyce Meyers. 

“I can never get enough of women pastors,” the author says.  


The author, designer and spokesperson is now working on her memoir and trying to get in front of The Wall Street Journal best sellers list and a queen anthology out of Singapore with her 17-year-old-daughter, Alexa.

“I have been asked to consider doing stores with my brand all over the world and am researching and in the planning stages of that,” says Saracino.  

To follow Saracino’s journey, visit,
Instagram, @vanessacianosaracino, or her private Facebook group be•You•tiful. 


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