Pickleball Players Enjoy More Court Time In Town

By Cheryl Conway

Township officials are on the ball with ensuring that some local Pickleball players are seeing more outdoor court time.
Michael Garber of Livingston got the ball rolling several months back when he approached officials to request options to provide some Pickleball Courts in town. “Ask and you shall receive,” held true this time around for Garber.
NJPS Court Builder in Robbinsville painted Pickleball lines on the four Tennis Courts located, at the Northland Pool complex on Wed., Aug. 31, as requested by Livingston Township officials, to paint the Pickleball Lines.
“The Official Township of Livingston Website now refers to these courts as “Tennis/Pickleball” Courts,” says Garber. Both tennis and Pickleball players should be able to share these courts harmoniously, he adds.
“The Pickleball progress that this town has made, in less than a year is incredible, says Garber, one of the founders of Livingston Pickleball. “A hand full of people brought a need and a vision to the town.  They saw it and responded quickly.
“And with the next project of eight dedicated Pickleball courts at Heritage Middle School, after it and Memorial Park are resurfaced, that will give Livingston the opportunity of being the leading Pickleball community in New Jersey,” he says.
Michael and all 150 of the Livingston Pickleball players wish to thank the town of Livingston and invite everyone to try the game.
What started out as an evening program with eight weekly sessions through the Livingston Senior Youth & Camp Leisure Services in April 2015, has grown from eight players to 150 players. A cross between tennis, badminton and Ping-Pong, pickleball is a fun paddle sport growing in popularity in town for all ages.

On Saturday morning, Labor day weekend, four, freshly Pickleball lined courts, at the Northland Recreational Center were all occupied with Pickleball players, ages 16 to late 70, says Garber.
“Every court has a Pickleball game going on with players waiting for ‘next,’” he adds. “To keep the games moving, they are usually seven points and the winners of two in a row go off with the losers. That way everyone gets to play and everyone is happy. There’s a game for everyone.
To learn more about Pickleball in Livingston, contact Livingston Pickleball at livepickleball@yahoo.com.

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