Pink Witches Night Out Zooms into Denville


Pink witches night out, scheduled for Oct. 14, is part of downtown Denville’s Most successful and well attended event. Each year this amazing affair gets bigger and better with nearly 1500 to 2000 attendees an awareness that reaches over 75,000 impressions on social media news coverage and more. Cancer has affected us all in one way or another, so please join us and supporting the continuous battle that many of our friends neighbors and family are fighting daily. The Halloween inspired night is about proudly honoring survivors those still in the fight and their friends and family members and celebrating women Health.


This year, the recipient of the funds will be Chelsea Ambrosi who is a 29 year old Denville woman who has been recently diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer.


So come share in the joy of celebrating life and embracing a cure. Together on that evening we will all be in the pink, rooting for all of us, Pink Witches Strong!!! To register for the event, visit

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