Preschool Advantage Places Six Children At Morristown Preschools

Preschool Advantage has announced funding of preschool tuitions for 68 children at their partner preschools for the 2016/2017 academic year. Six of the children will attend one of three partner schools in Morristown. Two children will attend Children on the Green, three children will attend The Nursery School of the Presbyterian Church and one child will attend Temple B’nai Or Nursery School.

These families are deeply committed to providing their children with an early education, however there is very limited availability of publicly-funded preschool in Morristown, and the families could not afford preschool for their children without the support provided by Preschool Advantage and the partner schools.

“While there are federally funded programs to cover the cost of preschool for families living below the poverty line, working families making over that level have limited options,” said Molly Dunn, executive director for Preschool Advantage. “There are thousands of families in New Jersey who cannot access a quality education for their child. We are committed to addressing this need one child at a time.”

During the past 20 years, Preschool Advantage has funded more than 800 children at its partner schools throughout the area. Disadvantaged families cannot afford to pay for their children to attend quality preschool and they arrive at kindergarten with a significant achievement gap in knowledge, vocabulary and social skills. Preschool Advantage partners with 17 area preschools that provide a quality education for children. Together with donors, supporters and community partners, the non-profit organization is providing opportunities for a lifetime of learning.

To sponsor a child or learn more about Preschool Advantage, visit or call 973-532-2501.

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