Preschool Advantage’s Benchmarking Study Measures Success for the Year

Preschool Advantage, a Morristown-based non-profit that seeks to improve local communities by funding quality preschool for children in need, announced the results of its 2018-2019 School Year Benchmarking Study.  The study shows that when children from disadvantaged families attend a high quality preschool, they ‘catch up’ with their more affluent peers in all essential developmental skills. 


The study reported that at the start of the school year, just 49% of Preschool Advantage students were on or above grade-level for language arts skills, compared with 90% in a control group of students from more affluent families. By the end of the year, 85% of Preschool Advantage students reached or exceeded grade-level standards, compared with 97% for the control group. An assessment of math skills showed a similar trend, with Preschool Advantage students increasing from 51% proficiency in September, to 84% at the end of the school year.  Motor skills and emotional skills showed an increase to parity between the two groups by the end of the year. Preschool Advantage’s benchmarking study, conducted each year since 2011, confirms that, when given access to high quality preschool, children from lower income families show a demonstrable gain in all essential skills from language arts and math, to fine and large motor skills, and social and emotional maturity. 


Preschool Advantage is a non-profit organization that strives to level the playing field between children whose families can afford to send them to preschool and those who cannot, with the vision that all children begin school with the skills they need to learn and thrive. Since its inception almost 25 years ago, Preschool Advantage has sent over 1,000 students to preschool, many for two years. 


Application for the 2020–2021 school year will be available in January. For more information about Preschool Advantage, including information about how to apply for assistance with preschool tuition, please call Preschool Advantage at (973) 532-2501 or visit  

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