Profile:  Denville Education Foundation

Classroom and district-wide grants help teachers and administrators make a bigger difference

by Jeff Garrett


DENVILLE –  With school in session and students deep into studies, the time for tutors and extra help has 

arrived.  Other dynamics are at work too.

Teachers and school administrators are learning.  They see strengths and weaknesses and have 

ideas on who needs help where, what teachers really need to make a difference as well as how students 

may learn subject matter differently.  Luckily, there’s some outside help locally to help meet the 

challenge in The Denville Education Foundation.

The Foundation runs with a mission that, “sometimes a small injection of funds can make a big change 

in how a teacher conducts a lesson, how a student experiences new material or how a principal inspires 


The Foundation awards two types of grants: Classroom and District-Wide grants for Kindergarten 

through 8th grade schools in Denville.  Every grant awarded must make an impact; there are measurable 

outcomes which need to be met.

Classroom grants account for one half of the organization’s annual total expenditures. Faculty members 

in the Denville Public School System are welcome to apply for these grants.  Each recipient can 

get up to $1,000.00.

District-Wide grants awards grants to Denville Public Schools based on a “wish list” of sorts generated 

annually by building and district administrators. Applications are accepted once a year in the Spring. 

Denville Public School administrators are eligible to obtain these grants ranging from $1000 to $5,000 

and sometimes higher, as long as there is input from the faculty and staff of the districts. 

The Foundation holds fundraisers each year to raise money for the two grant funds.

The next fundraiser is the 13th Annual Charity Golf Outing Dinner and Live Auction on Monday, October 

16 at Rockaway River Country Club. The Foundations Board of Trustees include Jeff Barnish as President

and Linda Rodriquez as Vice President.

Its Treasurer is Dave Pimenta and Recording Secretary is Kristin Seib.  Teacher Liasons include Connie 

Pillion at Lakeview, Jamie Kovacs at Valleyview and Kimberly Corvino at Riverview.  Its Board of 

Education representative is Michael Anderson and Legal Advisors are Jennifer and Frederick Jackson and 

Mark Forand. 


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