Rainbow Montessori Honored At Turning Leaves Benefit

Preschool Advantage will honor Rainbow Montessori School of Madison at their upcoming Turning Leaves Benefit set to be held at the Wyndham Hamilton Park Hotel in Florham Park on Thurs., Oct. 20, at 6 p.m.
Preschool Advantage is celebrating 21 years of partnership with Rainbow Montessori School, which is one of five partnership schools that have been with Preschool Advantage, formally known as Project Acorn, from the beginning of the non-profit organization.
Preschool Advantage funds an early education for children whose families cannot afford the cost of quality preschool.
“We are approaching the milestone of 50 funded students at Rainbow during our 21 year relationship,” said Molly Dunn, executive director of Preschool Advantage. For the 2016-2017 academic year, Rainbow Montessori will educate five Preschool Advantage students.
“Our Preschool Advantage students bring their unique gifts to our Rainbow Family,” says Director Pam Petrillo. “We feel very fortunate to receive as much from these children as we are giving to them. What a wonderful legacy for the families in the Madison area to have Preschool Advantage to assist them in providing a quality preschool education for their children.”
Children from lower income families are developmentally behind their more affluent peers by the age of three. Research shows quality preschool at ages three and four allows disadvantage children to catch up with their peers and enter kindergarten on a level playing field. Without this financial help, working families who value education but can not afford to pay for preschool have children who start kindergarten with a significant achievement gap in knowledge, vocabulary and social skills. Children who complete the four year old program at Rainbow Montessori are kindergarten ready.
The Turning Leaves Annual Benefit is a key source of funding for student tuitions.
Preschool Advantage would like to extend an invitation to the benefit to Rainbow Montessori’s many fans.
Preschool Advantage has the vision that all children should have access to high quality early education. Together with its donors, supporters, volunteers, and community partners, Preschool Advantage seeks to provide opportunities for a lifetime of learning that will create a better world for its students, their families, and the community. For sponsorship opportunities for Turning Leaves or to learn more about Preschool Advantage, call 973-532-2501 or visit at www.preschooladvantage.org .

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