Randolph’s Barbara Lukavich Wins 2019 Cissy Laurey’s Award

Barbara Lukavich started in the Randolph Township Parks, Recreation and Community Services Department in the fall of 1998 and since her first day on the job she has been making a difference in the lives of township senior citizens.

For Barbara, working with the senior population of Randolph is not just a job, it is a mission. She is 24/7 in support of our senior community and she regularly works well beyond normal work hours to ensure those in need receive assistance. 

On a weekly basis Barbara gives unselfishly of her time helping the seniors by providing rides to grocery stores, doctor appointments, the mall, their family or friend’s homes, or sometimes just by providing companionship. 

She understands the difficulties that they may be experiencing and tries to make their days a little brighter. Barbara personifies the quote by Mother Theresa, “Not all of us can do great things, but we can do small things with great love.”

Barbara also works hard to educate the senior community on the services available to them from the Township, the County, the State and many local organizations. She always goes the “extra mile” to ensure that they feel comfortable with any process in which they are involved, and that they obtain the services necessary at the conclusion of the process. When a senior needs an advocate, Barbara steps in; when the senior community needs a voice to raise awareness on more global issues, she’s right there lending hers.

Her husband Jim often joins her, volunteering his time to help those individuals for whom Barbara cares so much.

Whether it be large or small, Barbara has made a difference in the lives of the senior citizens in Randolph Township. Barbara Lukavich

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