Ready For Spring:  Grounds for Sculpture Offers New Exhibits and Programs For All  

by Jeff Garrett


If you’re dreaming of a spot where relaxation, meditation, cool sights and out of the ordinary Art exists 

in a tranquil setting, “Grounds For Sculpture” in its 31st year, is a spot you’ll want to connect with as 

Winter moves into Spring. 


 Spanning 42 acres at 80 Sculptors Way in Hamilton Twp, “Grounds” offers a different kind of museum – 

one that is somewhat whimsical, containing interactive artwork with 350 sculptures on hand for 

guests to take in, and even fawn over. “it’s definitely a different kind of museum,” says museum 

Executive Director, Gary Garrido, who is looking forward to the warmer months ahead, and the 

program-side of the museum.


“We’ll have a Lecture with Jeff Warren on Wednesday, May 3. This will be a good chance to get those

who may be skeptical about mindfulness to open up,” and embrace what he feels is something healthy 

which can only help improve people’s lives. The museum plans on launching a ceramic studio with clay 

and ceramics workshops for kids and adults. 


It’s all about Wellness at the museum. Garrido says “Grounds For Sculpture” is a place where folks can 

relieve stress, practice yoga, experience mindfulness, find calm and open up.


There’s an ancillary objective too.


“The focus continues to be breaking down barriers and making Art acceptable for all,” said Garrido, who 

will preside over the opening of the Cloud Swing sculpture, which is a series of six swings with two 

swings which are handicapped accessible. “The sculpture itself takes the form of a cloud,” which should 

be more than interesting to lay eyes on, Garrido thinks.  


Another creation set to open soon is that from Philadelphia artist, Robert Lugo. Lugo has created a 26 ft 

large sculpture that has a series of stairs going up and down.  Patrons can go up into the sculpture and 

take pictures in this one-of-a-kind piece, set to draw awe and interest this Spring. “As a Latino, Lugo 

wants to break down some barriers,” in his creations, to show things from a different perspective, notes 


“Grounds For Sculpture” really tries to utilize the seasonal backdrop – whether its looking at a winter 

garden now, an apple orchard in the Spring, Lotus flowers in the summer or the mere changing of the 

colors of leaves in the picturesque Fall, having the outside sizzle alongside the sculptures is Art in and of 



A restaurant is on-site called “Rat” and cafes are available for museum-goers to sit and 

unwind. Garrido likes the way the museum is shaping up with wellness and impressive Art and the 

forefront of the facility’s agenda for visitors this Spring.  He hopes you’ll visit and like it too.  


For more information such as museum hours, program information and restaurant information on 

“Grounds For Sculpture” visit

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