Residents Invited To Meet the Mayor

At the Livingston Township Reorganization meeting on Jan. 1, Mayor Al Anthony told residents of his plan to hold Meet the Mayor sessions during the year.


“I understand that not everyone is comfortable standing up to speak at a formal meeting,” said Anthony. “These brief, informal sessions will offer everyone the opportunity to say hello and mention a concern or a job well done in town, or bring a new idea to make our town better.”

All are invited to attend Livingston’s Township Council meetings, which are held on Mondays each month. A schedule can be found on the Township website at The Meet the Mayor sessions will begin at 7 p.m. – one half-hour before each scheduled Monday night Conference Meeting. While other Council Members may also choose to participate, there is no plan for others to attend regularly.


“There’s only one way to know what our residents are thinking about,” Anthony continued, “they have to tell us.” “I want to keep these relaxed; there are no specific topic guidelines, and we will ask individuals to “sign in” so we can respond to them personally in the future, if needed.”

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