RHS Artists Paint Mural For Library

The Randolph High School chapter of the National Art Honor Society unveiled its World War II propaganda mural which its members painted for the Randolph High School Library.
The mural is based on a poster which asks people to donate books to the library from 1943.
“I love it,” said Randolph High School Librarian Steve Cullis. “It’s absolutely gorgeous. It came out better than I ever could have imagined. The colors are so bright and vibrant.”
Arts Honors Society advisor Steve Coleman said the project was a wonderful collaboration between the library, the honor society, history and visual arts.
“It is really fitting for our school,” he said, adding there is talk of future projects for the library to be created by the art honor society.
“This project combines art and history together,” said society member Claire McLagan.
RHS students study art like this in the high school’s art history class “Art as a Democracy,” noted honor society vice president Jennifer Schaffer.

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