Rockaway veterinarian Dr. Elizabeth Boggier makes childhood vow to help fur babies live their best lives

By Jillian Risberg 


For someone who has always had an extraordinary soul connection with animals, it made perfect sense that Dr. Elizabeth Boggier went into overdrive when the Coronavirus hit close to home about how best to tend to the needs of her pet patients.


“Covid protocols have been put into place as per AVMA guidelines from the earliest of days,” says Boggier, owner of MountainView Veterinary Hospital. “PPE, strict sanitization protocols, 24/7 ventilation systems in every room, curbside pickups for food and medication, virtual in-office visits conducted via Zoom, and expanding our telemedicine division are just a few of the many changes we’ve made to keep ahead of the pandemic.”


She calls the lockdown in March devastating.


“We were extremely fortunate to have been able to stay open Monday — Saturday through the pandemic and were not forced to lay anyone off,” says the veterinarian. “We do not take this virus lightly and are doing all we can to keep the team and our clients safe.”


That sharp focus is what gets Boggier through veterinary medicine’s darkest moments.

Like when they had a pet come in who was extremely aggressive. After hospitalization, pain management and mild sedation, it became clear the pet had been severely beaten and suffered multiple contusions and blunt force trauma as well as fractured ribs on BOTH sides of his chest.  

“The bruising became more evident as the hours ticked by,” Boggier says. “This led to an investigation and subsequent arrest of a family member. We can only hope this helped at least one person escape a lifetime of physical abuse.” 

Time and again the pet’s parents have spoken — with endless accolades for the vet, who they say always comes through.

“Dr. Boggier is far and away the best veterinarian,” says Nancy A., of Livingston. “First and foremost is her knowledge, medical expertise and demeanor. She has a true passion and love for her profession and it shows in her interactions with your beloved pets and with you.”


And what does Boggier feel makes her good at the job…

“Our pets speak to us all the time,” she says. “You just have to be still and listen.”


Her undeniable bond with animals dates back to childhood. Sure, the animals at the time were stuffed but nonetheless had a profound impact on the veterinarian’s young life.  


“My stuffed animals were not just my friends, but the best of friends,” says Boggier. “They were always there when I needed a hug, or yearned to feel needed.  I guess on some level, I needed them as much as they needed me.”


According to Boggier, at the age of two Larry Lion was broken. A thoughtful babysitter offered to take Larry home for an “operation.” The vet still remembers feeling frightened for him, but her babysitter said not to worry, she’d take good care of him. The next day, Larry Lion came back home. 


“It was at that moment, I knew I’d one day become a veterinarian and take care of other people’s much-loved best friends,” she says.


To follow her veterinary dream and see her practice come to fruition has been everything.  

“I still remember the day I received the acceptance letter into veterinary school,” Boggier says.  “Hands shaking, I thought about how this was going to change my life. I thank God for providing the opportunity to follow my passion as something deep inside my heart told me it was what I was meant to do.”


There’s nothing better than living your calling. 


“You’d be hard-pressed to find a kinder veterinarian than Dr. Boggier,” says Melanie, of Rockaway. “Knowledgeable, sweet, attentive, caring… I could go on for days with adjectives but you get the point. She’s a true animal lover and it shows.”


The veterinarian says it’s extremely rewarding to sort out an issue for a pet patient. 

“It’s a great joy when a client is aware of when their pet is ‘off’ or something just looks ‘different,’ Boggier says. “Early (cancer) diagnosis is key to long term survival and I am so very proud to be able to offer treatment options to our clients and their pets.”


She says the key is to avoid waiting on a problem until it is so advanced that the cost for resolution becomes considerable. 


The vet’s compassion for her pet patients translates to every aspect of her practice.


“We provide Urgent Care until midnight Monday — Friday which allows both the team and the doctors to have competent help, as well as devote time to their families and mental well being,” Boggier says.  


That means loving on her fur babies at home too.

“Fortunately, our three cats (S’Mores, EarGore and Manfred the dog) allow my family and our two dogs (Reagan the German Shepherd and Martha Mae the coonhound) to live in their house,” says the vet. 


At MountainView Veterinary Hospital, she says they are more than a team, they’re family — and she has always offered her staff wise words.


“If at the end of the day, you can put your head on your pillow knowing you did what you thought was the right thing in your heart, I will always have your back,” Boggier says. 


“This philosophy has never failed us.”


MountainView Vet is located at 101 US Highway 46 West, Rockaway. To learn more about MountainView Vet, visit

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