Rockaway’s Parsley Makes Everything Better with Decor for the Home and Gifts

By Dawn M Chiossi

     From the sprig of parsley on the logo, to the name of the store itself, to their philosophy, it is clear that Rockaway’s Parsley—a relatively new business specializing in home decor, gifts, and other goodies–is something special. 

     It has often been theorized that people’s homes are an extension of their personalities. Who hasn’t been drawn into a home filled with cozy quilts and scented candles and longed to stay? Who has been instantly cheered by sunny table cloths or whimsical ornaments?

     Yes, a lovely decorated home can make the difference between just a dwelling place and an oasis, something that people can’t wait to come home to: At its best, a home makes people happy. Always essential, decorating adds personal touches, enhancing the feeling of home. 

     This is the belief of Parsley, recently opened in November of 2018. Located at 30 Wall Street right across the street from the Poodle Showcase dog groomer and a few doors down from Ava’s cupcakes, owners Jamie and Jeryl Lynn Coulter embrace the philosophy “Parsley Makes Everything Better,” and seek to give it to their customers every day.

     So much more than just a store, to these passionate owners, it is a way of expressing their love of what they do and sharing it with others. Offering everything from traditional, to whimsical, to beautiful gifts and more, there’s something to tickle every taste. From quilts to decorations, wine bags, candles, wallets, to pictures, to furniture (new, older vintage and unique pieces) to jewelry, crystals, and gifts. There’s a guaranteed treasure at Parsley.

       The Coulter’s are a mother and daughter team with a passion for decorating and giving the personal touch. According to Jamie Coulter, “The store was founded in my mom’s soul decades ago.”  For both, owning a store is a dream.  “We’ve always wanted to open a shop and we finally decided we’re either going to do this or not. So here we are.”

     Their name Parsley is quite unique, and it was chosen with connection in mind. Starting out as a familiar family running joke, it quickly transformed into something more.

“My mom Jeryl Lynn is an amazing cook—she puts parsley in just about everything,” Coulter shares. “One day before the store was even a thought, our dear friend, Don was over at our house cooking. She asked him if he put parsley in the dish, to which he asked, “what’s with you and the parsley?’ to what she answered, ‘Parsley makes everything better.’”

     This was more than a chuckle during the Coulter’s brainstorming session regarding the store. It was an inspiration. Jeryl Lynn’s belief took root, and they all knew immediately– not only the name of their store–but their goal as well.

     “We’ve always enjoyed and been told by many people that we have a flair for decorating a space into what a person never knew they loved and creating or discovering just the right gift, just the right item to fill a person’s need, want or desire. Coulter says. “The passion and ability is the energy that fills Parsley with the possibilities that make life better.”

     Regarding the store itself, she says, “Customers have described it as ‘a pleasantly eclectic mix’ of items.”

    Everything the two do at Parsley is a guaranteed personal touch. In addition, Coulter shares that the store is also in the process of developing a few proprietary products of their own, including a line of spice blends. “In addition to our personalized gift consulting and wrapping, Parsley also offers interior landscaping consulting and home staging for realtors.”

     “We both love every single item in the store,” Coulter tells, “When looking for brands and things to carry, our goal was not simply to fill the store for the sake of having to fill it. We are very selective in the items we carry.”

     For this team, “making life better,” isn’t just their slogan, it is their mission, a mission that carries through the quality of their merchandise.  So much so that Coulter tells that if an item does not answer that pivotal question, then that item does not get purchased. Virtually all of the items featured in Parsley enhance life in some way. “Whether it’s the quality of the item, the manufactures production process or philosophy, the fun, convenience or comfort of it, the ingredients made to use it…We wanted there to be meaning behind the items that we sell…most of them come with a story behind them.”

     Additionally, Parsley plans to host a series of seminars, events, talks, and workshops on a broad range of topics all geared at making life better. They are featured on a large 6×6 chalkboard calendar when patrons walk into the store. “The topics are quite amazing.” Coulter enthuses.

     For only being open such a short time, patrons are thrilled with Parsley and its infinite possibilities. “Word of mouth—particularly though social media—has been huge for us,” Coulter remarks. Within the time we’ve been open, we’ve already established a loyal and repeat customer base. Considering we are still growing and people are still learning about us, we’re pleased with the turnout and even more so with the response to the store thus far. We are both humbled and overjoyed how people react to our space. The place feels alive because of this and the vast majority of those who have visited us feel that embrace.” Coulter shares. 

     Parsley’s hours are as follows: Sunday and Monday—Closed, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday—10:00 to 6:00 and Thursday from 10:00 to 7:00.     


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