Roxbury Community School Gardening Club Flourishes

The Roxbury Community School’s gardening club is growing all new green thumbs under Farmer Dan’s supervision. Students in preschool through fourth grade had the opportunity to be a part of Kennedy School’s Gardening Club where they met May, June, and July.

Students signed up to learn hands-on about flowers and plants while learning gardening basics, techniques, and practical skills for the spring and fall. Students this summer also enjoyed garden projects and crafts.

“Summer is a time to watch plants flourish, maintain crops, plant a second crop rotation, and harvest produce such as tomatoes, cucumbers, and more,” said program instructor Daniel Colditz. “The garden needs proper nourishment, water, and cultivating which is depending on the students who are active participants.”

The Kennedy School Garden produces strawberries, beans, zucchini, tomatoes, cucumbers, pumpkins, cabbage, and more. The garden also has its own herb and flower garden that needs tending throughout the season.

Stay tuned for the upcoming year’s schedule which can be found at

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