Roxbury High School’s Theater Department Set to Present Les Miserables

By Dawn M Chiossi     

    If musicals are a favorite, come and enjoy the next can’t miss spring musical by Roxbury High School’s Drama Program. Theater lovers and people everywhere are invited to enjoy Les Miserables.

The musical will take place on March 7, 8, and 9.  Times for performances will be Thursday, 7:00 p.m., Friday, 7:00 p.m., Saturday at 7:00 p.m. with an additional matinee performance at 1:00 p.m.  All tickets will be $12.00. Tickets will automatically be held at the box office and can be picked up to 45 minutes before the performance date. Reservations will close one week prior to the show. Tickets will then be available at the Box Office before each performance.

    To every enthusiast out there, there’s something utterly cathartic about going to see a play or a musical. Besides a fun evening out, it offers the audience an exciting, active and interpersonal connection that viewing a movie does not.

When people think of plays, chances are they envision the top blockbuster musicals, and Les Miserables is at the top of the list.  With swirling music, heartbreaking performances, and cathartic plots; the musical offers characters that the audience cares about, and the music is so addictive, that they are often singing long after the play is over.

    Roxbury invites everyone to enjoy the timeless stories of Jean Valjean, Javert, Fantine, Cosette, Eponine, Marius and Enjolras interwoven with the French Revolution. Regardless of the production of Les Mis, it is so enveloping, that it resonates with audiences everywhere.

   Officials from Roxbury are so excited to launch this production.  According to Drama Club Advisor, Patrick Hachey, who has been teaching at Roxbury for 15 years, auditions are open to any high school grade level, and the cast is comprised of 87 students in the show and another 25 students involved in the set and technical crew. He mentions that auditions were held back in November, with rehearsals began in December and are still ongoing.

    When asked how they are going, Hachey is tight-lipped, but says: “I am very excited about the students in the production and I am confident that they will give successful performances in March.”

    Hachey states that choosing Les Miserables for a production at Roxbury was effortless, with everyone involved being passionate about the material woven in the play, and the story they are telling.  Les Mis was something he and the rest of the creative staff chose back in August of 2018.

   Warm and enthusiastic, regarding plays and club itself, he states that the productions are a collaborative, team effort. “In addition to my role as Producer/Director, Set Designer/Builder I have a team of colleagues who are every bit as responsible for the show’s success as me,” he says. In particular he mentions: R Daniel Salyerds: Musical Director/Technical Director, Krista Sweer: Vocal Director/Rehearsal Pianist, Rebecca Pietras: Choreographer, Jeff Conrad: Pit Conductor, Pat Rogers: Costumer, and Monica Roman & Scott Schilling: Visual Artists.

  While Roxbury High School’s plays are always popular with the school population and the general public, Hachey states that the feedback for Les Miserables has been even more so. “The reaction to this particular musical has been overwhelmingly positive,” he enthuses. “Many people are familiar with this story, especially with the recent film from 2012.”

 For Hachey, the Roxbury Drama Program is as much about teamwork as it is about passion, devotion and artistry to the craft of acting. “As a student and now as an educator, I have always taken great joy in the creative arts, and there is something especially wonderful about the collaborative nature of the theater,” he enthuses. “Whether you are the lead in the show, an ensemble member, a member of the technical crew, or a painter during the construction of the set, each student plays a vital role in making the production a success. The lesson of teamwork, individual accountability, time management creativity, and aesthetic sensitivity are inherent to the production. The life lessons that the students learn during the production are invaluable.”

    When asked what he is looking forward to most in regard to the production, Hachey points to the magical moment in acting when all of the diligence, creativity and rehearsal they have worked for melts together.        

 “My favorite thing about the musical is to watch our students slowly grow into their roles of the show and eventually create a performance that is uniquely theirs.” He shares. “I can’t wait to sit back during the performances and watch the results of the many hours of hard work. My hope is that our students walk away from this experience feeling artistically fulfilled and confident in their abilities as individuals and as an ensemble to conquer any project they set their minds to.”

   Roxbury High School’s Drama Club produces two plays a year; a fall drama (non-musical) and a spring musical. Last fall, the drama was The Crucible. To reserve tickets in advance for Les Miserables, visit

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