Roxbury Library To Offer Juicy Food Presentations In July

Interested in history, the environment and, most importantly, food? Visit the Roxbury Library this July for exciting food presentations that will make the mouth water!

Join food historian Judith Krall-Russo at the Roxbury Public Library at 6:30 p.m., Mon., July 25, where she will discuss some of the favorite foods and beverages of past presidential families during her presentation, “Favorite Foods and Libations of Presidential Families.”

Learn about other past presidential families and their favorite fare: like that George Washington loved honey, and Martha had a great fondness for cake; that President Garfield’s favorite beverage was tea and that Thomas Jefferson did not invite more than 12 guests for dinner?

For garden growers, get the most out of a garden and enjoy the fruits of that labor during Rutgers’s Master Gardener, Ilona Ontscherenki, who will present, “What’s Eating My Vegetables and Plants?” at 6:30 p.m., Tues., July 26.

The garden pest control class will teach people how to identify the most common garden problems and how to deal with them in order to keep vegetables and plants in good condition.

To register for the events, call the library at 973-584-2400 ext. 501 or e-mail to register.

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