Roxbury Schools Support The Arts

Sept. 11-19 was National Arts Week where the impact of teaching the arts in the public schools is recognized. Roxbury’s children are very fortunate to have art classes in grades K-12 and it’s important to not take this fact for granted. A strong art program contributes to a child’s success in school, on standardized tests and builds self-image.

Art teachers encourage experimentation and imagination while guiding and challenging students at levels appropriate to individual abilities, skills and interests. Starting in elementary school children learn to do their best, be responsible and work together. They utilize 21st century technology, make decisions, and solve problems.
High school, art classes focus on skill building, creative risk taking and applying the creative process. The process involves learning techniques for generating ideas, planning, design, research, analysis and reflection for self-improvement. Through this method, skills are developed which lead to clear, rational thinking and effective communication; essential for success in college and all aspects of life.
Art creation allows a person to communicate their reaction to the world as they know it. By examining and analyzing another’s work of art the viewer becomes aware of different ways of thinking, other perspectives, interpretations and beliefs.  In today’s world it is essential to understand and appreciate new ideas; it brings people closer together and connects. Creative thinking is essential to the future; the future is in today’s classroom.

According to Joann Hughes, the Visual Arts lead teacher at Roxbury High School, “The Visual Arts teachers in grades K-12 are planning a variety of events for the coming year. We promise to entertain, inspire, and make you proud to be a part of the Roxbury Community. Join us as we celebrate our student’s achievements!”

Thanks to the community, the Board of Education and administration for supporting the arts and offering students opportunities to excel through the arts.

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