Saint Clare’s Health Donates Over 750 Pounds of Hospital and Medical Supplies to Ukraine

Saint Clare’s Health announced that it has shipped over 750 pounds of critically needed hospital and medical supplies to Ukraine. Donations include life-saving medical equipment, bandages, medications, as well as backpacks, drones, first-aid kits, surgical gloves and gowns and more.


According the Brian Finestein, Chief Executive Officer of Saint Clare’s Health, “As providers of healthcare for our community, we watched in horror the atrocities committed against Ukrainians. We felt an urgent need to respond in a meaningful way.”


Saint Clare’s Health, a member of Prime Healthcare, is comprised of a network of three hospitals and healthcare facilities, located in Morris County New Jersey.


“We at Saint Clare’s Health are focused on providing exceptional care with advanced technology, but also providing individualized and compassionate care. We treat our patients as we would our own family. So when the Ukrainians needed healthcare support, we saw them as members of our own greater community,” Finestein stated. “Our physicians and staff realized the critical need for medical supplies as hospitals and medical facilities became military targets, and wanted to provide the necessary support. We plan to do more.”


Finestein invites members of the community to reach out to their healthcare providers to donate medical supplies. He states, “Today, we stand with Ukrainians.”


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