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Denville, New Jersey– Saint Clare’s Health, a member of Prime Healthcare, proudly announces the appointment of the first EMS Mental Health Resilience Officer (MHRO). Saint Clare’s Health, the largest provider of behavioral health services in Northern New Jersey, is the first EMS (Emergency Medical Services) in the northern New Jersey to officially prioritize the mental wellness of first responders in this innovative initiative.

Saint Clare’s Health recognized as an exceptional provider of the most comprehensive range of mental health services announces this new program to provide support and services to their own first responders. 

Corrine Fammers, MHRO.

The stress management is essential for the well-being of first responders who serve the community on the front lines and faced 

many stressors. “Placing the mental health and wellness needs of our first responders in the forefront is a highest priority of the EMS Department,” Deborah Paglianite, EMS Clinical Manager explained. “With the unwavering support of Saint Clare’s Health Administration, we are proud to be able to provide this to our staff and surrounding cooperative agencies.”

The Mental Health Resilience Officer will be closely working with the EMS Administration team in implementing both proactive programs and reactive support for when the difficult days come along.

Key responsibilities of the Mental Health Resilience Officer include:

Crisis Intervention– A point of contact for EMS team members facing mental health challenges, offering immediate support and resources.

Training and Education– Saint Clare’s Health will train the National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians MHRO course, free of charge, for agencies throughout the state.

Advocacy and Awareness– Opening a dialog about mental health has long been a challenge for first responders. The MHRO aims to make seeking help easier by raising awareness.

Community Outreach– Saint Clare’s Health will be a point of access for any of the organizations in northern New Jersey that require resources. Beyond education, knowledge of local programs and strengthening local relationships and accessing available resources for first responders.

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About Saint Clare’s Health

Saint Clare’s Health, a member of Prime Healthcare, is an award-winning provider of compassionate care delivered with the latest technology, serving the communities of Morris, Sussex, and Warren counties. Its network of hospitals and healthcare facilities, include Denville Hospital, Dover Hospital, Behavioral Health Centers in Boonton, Denville, and Parsippany, and an Imaging Center in Parsippany, among other satellite locations. 


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