Schools Get Some New Trees

The Millburn Township Green Schools Team is excited to announce that 18 gorgeous Colorado Blue Spruce trees have been donated by the Downtown Millburn Development Alliance to the Millburn Township Schools.
These trees were originally installed by the DMDA in planters throughout the town to enhance the outdoor atmosphere and “decor” of downtown Millburn. This is a great example of collaboration between the township and the schools, not to mention an awesome “green” solution to finding a happy home for these trees!
Based on school requests, the high school and middle school each received four and Washington, Hartshorn, Glenwood, Wyoming and Deerfield each received two. Jim Mancini of Mancini Landscaping Associates in Warren generously donated his time, labor and crew to install 12 of the trees recently. These “babies” are small now but are expected to grow to heights of 30 feet tall and will grace the schools for decades to come!
Big thanks to the DMDA, the Green Team, director of Buildings and Grounds, Carlos Edmundo, volunteer landscaper, Jim Mancini and Millburn Township forrester, Tom Doty, for making this happen!

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