Shoprite Donates Cookware To Livingston Library Cooking Program

By Dawn M. Chiossi
Inspiring 4 th  and 5 th  graders to cook, Shoprite of Livingston donated $200 to $225 dollars worth of cookware to be used in the Livingston Public Library’s brand new pilot program entitled “Let’s Cook.”
The “Let’s Cook” program will take place on Sept. 25, from 4:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. where members will be introduced to the basics of cooking.
During the class, they will learn skills such as reading a recipe, proper
knife skills, measuring and kitchen safety, all in a fun and enjoyable
Members of “Let’s Cook” will be making a healthy dish of Cauliflower
Fried Rice, a healthy, delicious, low carb dish that both adults and kids can enjoy.
According to Diane Choi Youth Services Department Assistant at the
Livingston Public Library, the idea for the Let’s Cook program was an
easy, natural one to carry out. “I’ve been cooking since I was 12 years
old,” Choi shares, “It’s one of my passions. So when my supervisor
Anna Coats approached me about running a program, it was only natural to focus on cooking.”
The idea that Shop Rite of Livingston donated cookware to enhance
their program only adds to their anticipation.
“We were absolutely thrilled when we learned that ShopRite would
donate the cookware for the program,” Choi praises. “Shoprite’s
donation is a huge help in making this program a success. We are very appreciative their generosity to this program and to the community.”
When asked how the donation came about, Choi discloses that the
library simply requested it themselves.
“We submitted a proposal in writing requesting the cookware, which
they approved,” she says. “Shop Rite is very generous in promoting
healthy living in our community.”
And it is true. The folks from Shop Rite have often generously donated to the community and the Livingston Public Library in the past, and this recent donation of cookware is just one example.  Choi mentions that Shop Rite often donates gift cards to go towards goodie bags for the Livingston Public Library’s Summer Reading Program.
No strangers to helping the community, the folks from the Livingston
ShopRite aspire to make a difference through fundraising, to giving to
food banks, to donating to the community.
Giving back to the community is very important. The donation of the
cookware to the Livingston Library is just one example.
Both the staff of the Library and the public are very excited about the
“Let’s Cook” program, and are extremely optimistic for the class to be
“We plan to explore many different kinds of cuisines and dishes,” says
Choi.  She mentions that another cooking class is slated for November.
“Depending on the success of these two initial classes we will plan for
future cooking programs.”
Choi is looking forward to the program, seeing how the students will
enjoy it. “I am most looking forward to witnessing how accomplished
the children will feel completing cooking and tasting their dishes,” Choi shares.
In talking to her, it is easy to see her hopes for this wonderful pilot
“I hope to continue to foster the love of learning, not only through
books, but experiences like this pilot program,” she says. “On a personal level I really hope to encourage the children to cook at home with their parents and take an active role in the choices of foods they put in their bodies.”

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