South Pacific Soiree To Benefit Eric Koby Adoption Fund

By Joyce Corey

The first annual fundraising gala to benefit the Eric Koby Adoption Fund is set to take place at the Meadow Wood Manor in Randolph on Nov. 17 at 6:30 p.m. The much-anticipated event is a South Pacific soiree featuring a 1940’s dinner and canteen.

Its website,, issues an invitation that captures the historical feel of this event: “You’ve been drafted, soldier! We’re calling up the troops and shipping them out to the South Pacific … so grab your stompers, your passport, and boarding pass, and jet back in time for an amazing night supporting and celebrating the Eric Koby Adoption Fund. We hope to see you at the canteen!

This organization honors the memory of Koby and his goal of placing orphans in loving homes. He was a Chester resident and his children were adopted from all over the world. He died suddenly two years ago but his faith in the family unit, specifically in families adopting children, lives on with the establishment of this fund.  

Koby was an outspoken advocate for adoption and this organization continues to actively support his beliefs and make a positive impact in the lives of children. As a father of three through adoption, he understood the process firsthand, and the group that bears his name addresses a major consideration for many families.

The adoption process can be costly; this is a factor which may limit some families because their resources may not cover all the expenses. The Eric Koby Adoption Fund assists people with the financial aspect. It is their belief that if more families could afford to adopt, more orphans could find their forever homes.

By bridging the financial gap for families, this group continues to bring Eric Koby’s dream of bringing orphans into loving homes. Without this monetary support, people may be unwilling or unable to complete the process. These costs are associated with both domestic and international adoptions. While the efforts to complete the adoption process may be large and possibly intimidating for families, the Eric Koby Adoption Fund proves to be a valuable resource through its understanding and commitment to children and families.

The vision statement of this organization, as found on its website, is both clear and compassionate:

“In Eric Koby’s name, we protect the vision of the organization and seek to honor him with diligent work and accountability. It is our greatest hope that grants given in Eric’s name help to provide love, joy, security, and happiness to orphans by their forever families.”

The first annual fundraising gala will have several purposes.

According to the event’s organizers, “We will share what is happening in our organization with our donors and introduce them to the families that have received grants this year. After all, it is their support that makes any of this possible. We will also have live music, dinner, dancing, entertainment, and our supporters will have an opportunity to meet one another and share their stories of how they became partners with us at the Eric Koby Adoption Fund.”

The website,, has additional information about the South Pacific soiree and the entire organization.

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