Student newspaper returns to Centenary University

By Steve Sears

Eve Foote, Editor-in-Chief of Centenary University’s new, reborn student newspaper, The Cyclone Chronicle, speaks from her heart. 

Foote said, “I would say there is an extra step in my life now that it (the publication) does truly exist. So much passion and effort went into it from everyone in the class last semester. Everyone was super, super excited, and it was the one thing that we were all always asking about or talking about. Everyone always wanted to know, ‘When are we publishing our website?’”

The first issue of the newly created publication appeared online in late December, and Foote added, “I feel satisfied, proud, and relieved that everything worked out, and that we have such a beautiful product.”

The Cyclone Chronicle is the sixth student newspaper in the history of the university. In 1874, The Scroll was the initial offering, followed by The Hackettstonian in 1896. Next up were The Commencement Chronicle, Spilled Ink, and The Quill, the latter ceasing publication in 2019. 

It was seeing up close these above-mentioned, past publications that made a huge impression on Foote and her fellow WRI 2300 – Experiential Writing classmates when they took a trip to Taylor Memorial Library last spring to visit the basement-located University Archives.

Janet Zatta, WRI 2300 Adjunct Professor of Writing and advisor to The Cyclone Chronicle, said of her students during that visit, “They were shocked. They were amazed. They were proud of our history.” 

And, after a few years of being devoid of an on-campus newspaper, they wanted to start a new one.

Zatta added with pride about those same students and the new publication, “This was a complete startup. We started in class on day one with an idea. We did not have a website, we did not have a logo, we had nothing, so they built this from the ground up, which is why it is such an accomplishment.”

In addition to Foote, the other WRI 2300 class members and contributors to the first issue of The Cyclone Chronicle are Thomas Edge, Lucas Perone, Libby Rieger, Kayla Diee, Marsali Endrizzi, Joe Hamway, Troy Sumpter, and Will Boothe.

And according to Zatta, most of the above folks will be returning. She said, “The latest count is five of nine original staff members are returning for the second semester, due to scheduling and credit challenges.”

Foote, a senior majoring in Professional Writing, sees her work with The Cyclone Chronicle making a “lasting impact.” She said, “I have developed a great appreciation for Centenary. I feel like it is an honor and I truly feel like I can make a difference with something like this. It is a beautiful thing.”

Zatta agreed, about both the institution and The Cyclone Chronicle. “This is my dream job,” she said. “I adore having the opportunity to teach at Centenary and share my love of words and journalism. And this newspaper is also a dream come true for me, because it was so beautifully done, so beautifully executed.”

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