Student, Sgt. And Church Partner To End Human Trafficking

On Sun., June 26, Newton High School senior Jake DeLuca, a member of the Newton High School National Honor Society, and Andover Police Department’s Sgt. Brian Kithcart partnered with Mountaintop Church and raised $1,500 for the Church and Community Church Abolition Network (CAN) to stop human trafficking.

CAN empowers the church and community to do abolition including prevention, detection, action, advocacy and survivor care. CAN helps retrofit existing community resources to serve local survivors. Where no services exist, CAN works collaboratively to create those services. CAN offers awareness trainings with available professional continuing educational credits through the NJ Learning Management Network and volunteer hours for students who engage in CAN abolition action.

CAN, based out of Calvary Temple in Wayne, is made up of more than 400 individuals and organizations, serves the entire state and assists in rescues and referrals nationwide. CAN is also part of the NJ Human Trafficking Task Force, The NJ Coalition Against Human Trafficking, City Serve and NJ SOAP.

CAN’s founder and executive director, Mandy Bristol-Leverett, is ordained by the Assemblies of God, and brings 23 years of abolition awareness and experience to CAN. To learn more about CAN, email or check them out on


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