Students Conduct Field Study On Pollution

Randolph Middle School students took to the trails on Mon., June 13, for a field study.  ESL students, Sustainability students, and Green Schools students went into the local Randolph Trails with educators from the Raritan Headwaters Association in order to conduct a field study to evaluate the stream for pollution, said ESL Teacher Michelle Land.

The students observed the environment, took measurements, and then found samples of macro-invertebrates in the stream.  After recording all of the data, they were able to evaluate the stream based on their findings.  This year, the water quality was rated as fair to good.  This was due to the low number of macro-invertebrates found that are sensitive to pollution, an indication that there may be some pollutants in the streams.  This is something the classes will continue to monitor as it is important for our local environment, Land said.

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