Students Experience Joys Of Flying In CAP Program

The Civil Air Patrol (CAP) Composite Squadron NJ-102 once again this weekend provided Orientation Flights to six teenagers, also known as cadets, from Union and Morris counties under the CAP Youth Program (Cadet Program).

Orientation Flights are available to cadets multiple times throughout the year. In addition, CAP provides afterschool activities such as classes and trainings in Aerospace, Character Development, Leadership, STEM, Physical Training, Summer Camps, both nationally and internationally and many others.

The squadron’s cadets are students from middle schools and high schools in Chatham, Morris Township, Madison, Scotch Plains, Plainfield, and Elizabeth. The cadets have the opportunity to complete five instructed flights in powered planes and five in gliders. Parents and other adults who can choose to become senior members in CAP are an important factor in keeping the Cadet Program afloat. Senior members are essential in helping to instruct and guide the cadets who will one day be the nation’s future leaders.

The CAP Cadet program is available to students from ages 12 to 18 years old.

The CAP Squadron NJ-102 meets every Tues., 7 p.m. to 9 p.m., during the school year at Chatham High School, Room L10.; and during summer break at VFW in Berkley Heights.


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