Students Make Mini Bots In Camp Session

On July 13, the students at Tulsa Trail in Hopatcong who participated in the Blended Learning Grant attended the second summer session. At this meeting, students analyzed the changes in their Eco-Art creations which were previously created in June. Students listened to Rosie Revere Engineer and discussed the trials and errors of inventing. After the story, students were able to become engineers by making their own “mini-bots!” Each student created their own moving bot which was designed using a vibrating motor. After the students created their mini-bots they were able to make predictions and test them to see which bot was the fastest, strongest, and traveled the furthest. Students then used Legos to design bridges and obstacle courses for the bot to move under and around. Finally, the students were proud to receive their “badges” for assignments that were completed on-line through the use of Edmodo. It was a fun-filled week for all!

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