Students Show Heart To Needy Children

Ironia Elementary School students donated cars, trucks and other toys to needy children through the Ironia Has Heart program.

Parent Liz Clogher said children donated more than 80 toys which she then brought to the School Readiness Program at Head Start through the non-profit group Second Chance Toys. The charity collects gently used plastic toys, which don’t biodegrade in landfills, and donated them to Head Start, which will distribute the toys to preschoolers and use others in Head Start classrooms.

The collection was done in connection with Earth Day last month. The toys were donated to Second Chance Toys and Head Start in May.

“We gave toys to kids who don’t have toys,” said Adam Wilson, a third grader at Ironia.

His friend Brendan Bourke said he donated a yellow truck. “I really enjoyed playing with my yellow truck when I was little, but now someone else can enjoy it.”

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