Sunny The American Bulldog Creates Facebook Page To Find A Home

Sometimes on Facebook people’s profile pictures show up as cars and the question becomes are they a car or are they a person? But what if there was a profile picture of an American bulldog and it was actually the dog controlling the page!


Sunny, the American bulldog is one of many dogs in the area that is on a hunt for a new home, but unlike other dogs Sunny has his own Facebook page in order to find a permanent home. Thanks to a determined bunch of volunteers from the former Jersey Animal Coalition (JAC) in South Orange, they are working their hardest to find one for him through his page.


Jared Dukas, co-founder and treasurer of the new Mattie’s Friends Non-profit program in South Orange that started shortly after JAC closed it’s doors in 2014, started his Facebook page this past June.


“The volunteers of the former JAC were dedicated to ensure the animals received homes and or alternative accommodations,” Dukas said. “So we created the Facebook page to give Sunny more publicity.”


Because of Mattie’s Friends and its faithful volunteers they are able to fundraise for the animals on a tax-exempt basis with the IRS. According to Dukas, there were approximately 15 JAC dogs left when Mattie’s Friends formed in August with a few who were adopted in the last 90 days that JAC had left. Sunny was one of four dogs that still needed a home, and to Dukas Sunny “is a good boy who just needs a special home.”


Sunny was sent to the JAC Shelter in the spring of 2011 by Animal Control. Since he was one of the last dogs left after the JAC closed last year, the volunteers took it upon themselves to create a Facebook page for Sunny in help find him a permanent home.


According to Sunny’s Facebook about me, he says, “’my name is Sunny and I’m 6 years old. I’m a boy and an American Bulldog mix. I’m 100 percent housebroken and love to cuddle with people I know. My favorite game is “keep away.” I am very intelligent and love to learn new things. I have been crate and obedience trained by a renowned dog trainer. I would love a fenced-in yard to run and play in. My perfect forever home would be a single-pet household. Because I am very strong and a bit protective, as bulldogs tend to be, I would do best in an adult only home with people who are confident and familiar with the breed. –Sunny’”
Sunny currently lives with the professional trainer at their facility in South Jersey where he has received additional reinforcement. The environment that is best for Sunny, according to Dukas, is an adult-only home where he is the only pet.


“This kind of environment would be great for Sunny as it would minimize the challenges of his owner in their efforts to reinforce his training curriculum,” he said. “Your really can ‘teach an old dog new tricks,’ but ensuring the dog continues with those desired behaviors, it’s all about reinforcement and making sure the people understand what they need to do with a dog.


“Someone who adopts Sunny needs to offer firm guidance and leadership,” Dukas added.


Sunny did have skin cancer last year and underwent surgery and treatment. According to Dukas, he came through fine and in February checked out as good as can be. “He is truly a survivor,” Dukas said.


“This dog finding his forever home would be the perfect ending to the shelter’s closing,” Dukas said. “Although two dogs have since passed away due to age or illness, not one animal from the former Jersey Animal Coalition was put down due to ‘no room’.”


“That’s something the volunteers, JAC and the people of South Orange and Maplewood can truly be proud of,” he added.


Sunny’s Facebook page currently has 568 likes and has had 39 people discussing his cause since the page started.


If interested in adopting Sunny or learning more about him, visit his Facebook page at Or email Jared Dukas at


Help Sunny the American Bulldog find a permanent loving home today!


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