Temple Beth Tikvah Gives George Rafes Award to Alice Osur for Volunteerism

Alice Osur, received the 2020 George Rafes Award for volunteering her time, talents, and energy to Temple Beth Tikvah since becoming  a member of the congregation in 1972.  The award is named after George Rafes who gave with a full heart and never looked for recognition or kudos but felt the need to do the right thing for people.  The event was a Zoom meeting where over 100 people gathered to celebrate her from all over the USA.

Her years of service include serving as the Nursery School Liaison to the Board of Trustees, Membership Chair for both the congregation and the Sisterhood, teaching Human Sexuality to 8th and 9th graders for 12 years, co-chairing the 25th Anniversary 5K Fun Run, writing the articles for Public Relations for TBT and several other volunteer positions while working Full Time in the Post Acute Care Health Industry and running a home.

Osur says she was inspired by her immigrant grandparents, parents and family who believed in Tikkun Olam, a Hebrew term translated as one person doing all they can to make the world a better place.


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