Temple Beth Tikvah Honors Past Presidents

photo from Harvey Hendler

At a recent Shabbat service and celebratory brunch, a group of former Presidents of Temple Beth Tikvah, 950 Preakness Ave. Wayne, were honored for their years of service.  Temple Beth Tikvah was founded in 1956 as a Reform congregation.  Beth Tikvah means House of Hope.  We continue to be that and a House of Study, Worship and Gathering.

From the top left are: Steve Pressler, Rick Hyne, Arthur Barchenko, Egon From, Andy Abrams, Steve Alexander, Rabbi Meeka Simerly, Gina Polevoy, Steven Alexander, Bill Rothenberg, Richard Moskow, Debbie Stone, Adrienne Migdalem Mickie Stricker, Lynn Cooper, Beryl Paul, Emily Schumann, Cantor Emeritus Charles Romalis and Rabbi Emeritus Israel Dresner.


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