The Historical Society of Florham Park – Conversations with Mike Renahan and Dave Kramer

The Historical Society of FlorhamPark enjoyed reminiscences with long-time Florham Park residents Mike Renahanand Dave Kramer at the annual Spring Luncheon. Held at the Florham Park Diner members enjoyed a nice lunch as Mike and Dave shared their memories of life in Florham Park over the years. 

See attached photos.

Next up is the hope that the Historical Society of Florham Park will be allowed to open up the Little Red Schoolhouse for tours.  The museum is open from 1:00-3:00pm.  Watch for the announcement on Florham Park Community TV, and on the electronic sign by the Gazebo. Of course, one can also listen to the schoolhouse bell that day ringing at 1:00pm announcing the opening!

Part of the museum is set up as a schoolroom from a century ago with mini lectures offered for small groups of students and Scouts. Exhibits illustrate the development of Florham Parkfrom a rural farming community, to the home of three major estates, and the community’s growth into a modern suburb. As a museum it includes artifacts such as broom making equipment, old maps and old school desks, and more from the1800s and 1900s.

The Historical Society is also busy scheduling presentations for this Fall at the Florham Park Library. Those will be posted early on Florham Park Community TV channels 21 (Cablevision) and 35 (Verizon Fios).

The Historical Society of Florham Parkwas founded in the 1930s to save and preserve the Little Red Schoolhouse. Located on the corner of Columbia Turnpike and Ridgedale Avenue the former schoolhouse was converted into a museum and is the symbol of FlorhamPark.  To learn more, about the museum, check,_New_Jersey) and to learn more about The Historical Society of Florham Park contact Rich & Christine Davidson at or call Peter Nicolas at (973)520-8654.


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