The power and effectiveness of Chinese Medicine

The power and effectiveness of Chinese Medicine is evidenced by its very long history of over 3,000 years of continued practice and success.  Did you know that more than ¼ of the world’s population uses some form of alternative medicine as their health care treatment?  Chinese medicine however, is the only form of alternative medicine that has been regularly and continuously used outside of its country of origin.

The experienced Chinese medical practitioner is trained to observe one’s tone of voice, complexion, eyes, facial expression, overall demeanor, and how one walks, sits and stands, and to use these observations along with a detailed health history to arrive at a diagnosis.  Before the patient says one word, the practitioner already has some idea of who this person is, clinically, simply by observing them.  

A great Practitioner is one who can process a mix of medical knowledge with a personal sensitivity based on experience.  The practitioner of Chinese medicine specializes not just in inserting needles or prescribing herbal remedies, but in being able to see “hidden” or subtle conditions that may not been seen or understood by Western trained Doctors.   The ability to see these subtle conditions takes years of training and is done without the benefit of modern technology.  How many of you reading this had or do have pain, or are unable to conceive but all your test results are negative?  Many of these types of patient’s are given anti-depressants and are made to feel that their pain is all in their head.  Chinese Medicine to the rescue! 

As far as fertility is concerned, one and six couples today are unable to conceive and with all the technology available, many couples are still childless.  Many  of these women are pumped full of hormones and even steroids, baby aspirin and birth control pills, yes, you read right.  You might be asking yourself if one is trying to have a baby, then why put them on birth control pills.  Yet, Chinese medicine helps these couples conceive without the use of these harmful drugs.  Call today for more information or to book an appointment at Skylands Acupuncture, 908-876-3643.

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