The Rose House Offers Kindness For Those With Developmental Disabilities

The Rose House Offers Kindness For Those With Developmental Disabilities


By Ejvind Boccolini


All throughout northern New Jersey, an organization is helping adults with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities lead more meaningful lives as they become integrated into the community and workforce more and more.


The Rose House, in Morris Plains, is a “non-profit organization, providing person-centered programs for developmentally disabled adults, helping them to pursue their goals and dreams, and become valued members of their communities,” their website reads.


Earlier this month, Tom Mitchell, of the Rose House spoke in a phone interview about upcoming programs and the help they have given individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities.


The Rose House serves adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD) such as Down Syndrome, Fragile X Syndrome and Autism Spectrum Disorders. Its contact information is; and its website is


Mitchell said The Rose House has programs to help out families with an IDD individuals, and the men and women themselves, visiting their homes for possibly a few hours each day or each week, depending on the level of care. There are different levels of vocational training and “self-directed” supports as well, and IDD individuals also visit the community for activities.


In Parsippany, at the Parsippany PAL, there is the Rose House Cafe, a community center-type facility in which IDD men and women serve tasty muffins, soups, salads, chips and hot dogs to the members and occasional members of the community. This is one example of how IDD men and women have been trained and integrated into the workforce, each gaining a personal uplift and creating a more meaningful life for themselves.


The Rose House also has four group homes, and 10 apartments in northern NJ, offering residential possibilities for men and women. There are two group homes in Budd Lake, one in Morris Plains, and 10 apartments in Hanover. They are in the process of purchasing a house in Parsippany as well.


Training and education in independent living skills can allow individuals to enter into these residential living spaces. They gain skills in cooking, cleaning, community shopping, and of course, job skills such as working a cash register, for instance.


“The more integrated the better,” said Mitchell, adding that the Rose House has served more than 100 individuals during its 15 years.


For these programs, families receive partial funding from the state, and parents provide funding too. The Rose House accepts men and women 21 and older.

As a result, IDD men and women can become integrated by way of community-based Residential Living Skills that they will obtain from The Rose House; Competitive Employment Training; Job Sampling for High School Seniors (graduating seniors can become involved though not yet 21); and Healthy Choices, a three-session course on cooking your own healthy, tasty meals, designed specifically for people with developmental disabilities and their caregivers.


Rose House is planning a 5K run/walk at County College of Morris in Randolph for Oct. 11. Check its website, the closer to the event to confirm the details.


Individuals qualify for the Rose House services via referrals from the state Department of Developmental Disabilities, Easter Seals, and also via referrals from NJ high schools.



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