The Sounds of Winter 

By: Sally Barmakian

The rustling of leaves is no longer. The air is take-your-breath-away cold. The bears and other animals are hibernating, and birds have flown south for to warmer weather. There is often a heavy silence that permeates winter. When the weather is blustery, people are cozy inside with warm blankets and roaring fireplaces. Fewer people are walking outside, even dogs wear coats as they quickly take their daily stroll. Then it happens: snow. 

Snow silently falls, feathery and magical, covering cars and rooftops. Changing the grass to a blanket of white, so pure and beautiful. Silence while the snow gently falls for hours. Silence as the activity outside comes to a halt. Silence until the first snowplow or shovel hits the ground. Winter is telling us to hibernate too. Enjoy the warmth of the indoors as we appreciate nature’s rest. Read, draw, knit, cook, write, watch movies, call friends and family, clean out a drawer, start a long-awaited project, play board games, enjoy a warm mug of hot chocolate or a hearty pot of soup. 

Embrace the stillness. 

And after a while, the sun comes out and the sky is clear. The desires to ice skate, snowboard, ski, sled and walk in the crunchy snow come to life. Bundled in warm clothing, head out to make a snowman, start a snowball fight or make snow angels. The sounds of laughter and activity fill the air as nature is full of adventures. Red cardinals perch on snow-covered evergreens. The wind whistles through the bare trees and stings your face. An owl glides overhead on silent wings. Icicles drip from the gutters. The wonders of nature are all around us. Listen for the sounds of winter. Even the silence is beautiful. 


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